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Youngsters At Bannatyne Club Got To Spend Time With Olympic Medallist, Becky Adlington OBE

swimstars becky adlington

Young swimmers at Bannatyne Health Club Chester Le Street have had the opportunity to spend some time meeting double Olympic Champion, Becky Adlington.

Britain’s most successful female swimmer spearheads the SwimStars Learn to Swim initiative, and she has forged a successful partnership with the Bannatyne Group, which offers lessons aimed at three to 11-year-olds.

Becky recently visited Bannatyne Health Club Chester Le Street, at County Ground, Riverside, to meet SwimStars instructors and see the youngsters in action.

Becky said: “It is super important for kids to learn how to swim. It is such a fundamental life skill, but they also gain so much confidence, make new friends and have fun in the water.”

Parents were full of praise for the SwimStars programme. Club member Adam Nairn said: “I enrolled my child in SwimStars because I come to Bannatyne’s gym.

“Ethan loves the fun nature of them and playing with his friends in the water. He’s a real water baby and has been ever since birth.”

Nicola Turner, Bannatyne Health Club Chester Le Street general manager, said: “SwimStars has fully qualified, fantastic teachers and it’s great for the children to have the opportunity to be taught by a well-known organisation.”

Becky added: “We have had a partnership with Bannatyne’s for six years and have been at Chester Le Street for five and it’s so fantastic to have them as a partner.

“Their facilities are so amazing that we feel lucky to have them on board.”

SwimStars teaches children to become competent and confident in the water with much of the lessons’ emphasis focusing on having fun, while learning a vital life skill.

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