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adidas Celebrates Next Generation Icons of Women’s Soccer Ahead of FIFA Women’s World Cup Australia & New Zealand

adidas WWC Campaign - Lena Oberdorf, Mary Fowler and Alessia Russo

Adidas announces its new campaign celebrating the upcoming FIFA Women’s World Cup in Australia and New Zealand in 2023.

The campaign focuses on three next-generation soccer icons: Alessia Russo, Lena Oberdorf, and Mary Fowler. Its aim is to generate global attention for the game and inspire young women and girls to pursue their passion for soccer.

This campaign marks Adidas’ most impactful initiative for the Women’s World Cup to date. It brings together a star-studded lineup of football legends and advocates for the women’s game.

The campaign features fast-paced films starring David Beckham, Leon Goretzka, Ian Wright, actor and soccer enthusiast Jenna Ortega, and Argentina’s World Cup hero Lionel Messi.

They come together to celebrate the skills that Russo, Oberdorf, and Fowler are known for, including vision, interception, power, creativity, and accuracy.

The films are part of Adidas’ new creative concept for the upcoming tournament called ‘Play Until They Can’t Look Away.’ The goal is to showcase some of the world’s greatest football players on the biggest stage and demand global attention and support for their skills and passion for the game.

The films take viewers on a journey set to the iconic song “On a Ragga Tip” by SL2. Lionel Messi and Mary Fowler guide viewers, along with Jenna Ortega, to Fowler’s home country of Australia, where preparations for the Women’s World Cup are underway. David Beckham, Ian Wright, and Raphaella Wright-Phillips, Women’s Arsenal FC player and Ian Wright’s granddaughter, find themselves unable to look away as Alessia Russo spectacularly manoeuvres through a supermarket in her own unique style. Lastly, Leon Goretzka is interrupted during bowling as Lena Oberdorf powerfully intercepts balls in an arcade, achieving a high score of her own.

The films also pay homage to iconic moments in football history, featuring subtle references that avid fans will appreciate, such as shirt numbers and iconic tournament balls.

Sina Neubrandt, Global Communications Director at adidas, expresses the brand’s perspective on the campaign: “This summer’s Women’s World Cup feels like a tipping point for the women’s game.

The growing record ticket sales, larger broadcast audiences, and passionate fandoms indicate the progress we’ve made.

Our campaign captures this essence by showcasing the game’s greatest stars, hoping to inspire the next generation and present them with role models who can push them to new possibilities.”

Alessia Russo shared her thoughts on the campaign, saying, “Playing at the Women’s World Cup has been my dream since I was little.

This year, I get to make that dream a reality and celebrate how far the game has come with some of the best players in the world. Winning the EUROs last summer was life-changing, not just for me but for girls across the UK.

We want to show them that playing at any level is possible, which is what we hope to achieve with this campaign – inspiring the next generation of icons.”

Lena Oberdorf expressed her excitement about the campaign, stating, “For a long time, becoming a professional soccer player felt impossible and out of reach.

But the game has changed, and it’s incredible to see the growing support for women’s soccer. However, there is still a long way to go!

During tournaments like the World Cup, we need to continue inspiring and creating opportunities for women and girls to get involved and experience the beautiful game.

I’m proud to be part of the Adidas family and this campaign, which showcases the exciting aspects of the game and how football can be enjoyed anywhere, at any time!”

Mary Fowler shared her anticipation for the tournament and her involvement in the campaign, saying, “This summer is special for me in so many ways.

Not only will I be representing my nation on the biggest stage, but I also get to do it in my hometown, surrounded by friends and family who have supported me from the beginning.

The lead-up to this tournament has been thrilling, and being part of Adidas’ campaign is a true celebration of this moment and what lies ahead. By bringing together leading players in women’s football and legends of the game, we show what’s possible for the next generation and how Adidas supports this journey.”

Throughout the tournament, Adidas will continue to celebrate its global football family with various initiatives and activations in Australia and New Zealand.

The brand has unveiled its largest women’s kit bag ever for the Women’s World Cup, emphasizing its ongoing support for female players from the stadium to the street.

In addition, Adidas is partnering with more federations than ever before and providing technical apparel designed specifically for women.

As a partner of the FIFA Women’s World Cup since 1995, Adidas has long been a supporter of the women’s game and strives to promote equality in sports, ensuring fair access, equity, and safety for all.

Furthermore, as part of its ongoing partnership with Common Goal, Adidas will pledge 1% of all World Cup ball sales since 2022, including the Official Women’s World Cup Ball, Oceaunz, to support the growth of women’s sports through initiatives like Common Goal’s ‘Global Goal 5 Accelerator,’ which aims to change lives worldwide.

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