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Marvel Fans Need To Checkout Adidas’s New Basketball Footwear Collection

marvel basketball collection

adidas Basketball and Marvel announced today that they have joined forces to create a limited-edition ‘Heroes Among Us’ collection led by five new footwear designs.

Basketball players, like Super Heroes, have alter-egos. Just as Super Heroes don masks, players don uniforms, and each athlete represents a different power and skill.

These unique powers, once assembled, create an unstoppable force of good. With the world watching, these heroes take centre stage, placing their teams, their cities and their communities on their backs.

Inspired by the Marvel Super Heroes that captivate fans both in the comics and on the big screen, adidas has iconized some of basketball’s mightiest heroes – players who motivate fans and athletes both on and off the court.

The result is a footwear collection that pairs the unique ability of NBA and WNBA athletes James Harden , Damian Lillard , Candace Parker , John Wall and Tracy McGrady with the unmistakable flair of iconic Marvel characters Iron Man, Black Panther, Captain Marvel, Captain America and Nick Fury.

The new adidas | Marvel ‘Heroes Among Us’ footwear collection (available at retail April 26) will include:

  • Marvel’s Iron Man | Harden Vol 3 

  • Marvel’s Black Panther | Dame 5 

  • Marvel’s Captain America | N3XT L3V3L Marvel’s Nick Fury | TMAC 1

  • Marvel’s Captain Marvel | Pro Vision