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Active IQ Level 3 Extended Diploma In Personal Training Helps PTs Stand Out From The Crowd

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Personal trainers looking to broaden the scope of their role and upskill to differentiate themselves from the competition have a chance to extend their learning with the new Active IQ Level 3 Extended Diploma in Personal Training.

The qualification delves deeply into health and fitness-related assessments, group personal training and working with individuals and groups in alternative environments.

In addition, it includes a unit in Nutrition for Sport and Exercise Performance, to enable PTs to support clients prior to, during and after sporting or event-based activities such as endurance races.

All these areas include robust, observed assessments to ensure the PT’s improved skills are ready for ‘real-world’ practice.

The entire qualification is underpinned by extended content including a brand-new manual and lecture pack. In addition, PTs are given access to an extensive library of sample sessions for working with individuals and groups.

“Our Level 3 Extended Diploma in Personal Training is designed to support PTs who want to broaden the scope of their role, offer more skills and services and, in doing so, stand out in the market,” says Ben Jackson, Active IQ Qualification Development Manager.

“The qualification sits alongside our current Diploma in Personal Training to provide choice and flexibility,” he continues.

“The broader scope of coverage equips learners with a wider range of skills to offer more to their clients, either on a self-employed basis or when working for employers.”

The Active IQ Level 3 Extended Diploma in Personal Training will cover:

  • Anatomy and physiology, functional kinesiology, concepts and components of fitness
  • Nutrition for exercise, health and fitness
  • Lifestyle and medical factors that affect wellbeing
  • Analysis of client information using the most accepted techniques
  • Assessment of a client’s current health and fitness status
  • Planning and conducting exercise and physical activity sessions, both one-to-one and with groups, within a range of environments and using multiple resources
  • Client consultations using the most accepted methods and providing strategies for successful behaviour change
  • Communication skills to effectively build successful relationships with clients and other healthcare professionals
  • Legal and professional requirements for personal training
  • How to set up and manage a personal training business on a self-employed basis
  • How to manage, evaluate and improve their own performance
  • Nutrition for sport and exercise performance

Personal trainers and employers interested in this extended diploma should visit or email to find out more.

This qualification is eligible for government funding: more details here:

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