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Les Mills Takes Martial Arts Into The Metaverse With BODYCOMBAT VR App

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Les Mills is bringing exercise motivation to the metaverse with the launch of the BODYCOMBAT VR app, fusing globally-renowned trainers with virtual reality (VR) for an out-of-this-world fitness gaming experience.

The group fitness leader has teamed up with VR specialist Odders Labs to transform the world-famous BODYCOMBAT™ workout into a high-octane VR gaming app on the Quest Platform.

Led by BODYCOMBAT’s legendary program directors Rachael Newsham and Dan Cohen – the game pits players against martial arts challenges across a variety of levels, spanning intergalactic deserts and neo-city skylines.

Players earn points for their effort and technique, with Rachael and Dan providing coaching cues and motivation to power them through the workouts.

Rachael Newsham, Program Director of BODYCOMBAT, said: “The cultural convergence between fitness and gaming is sparking exciting collaborations and innovative products, so naturally we jumped at the chance to team up with Odders Labs to create something truly magical.

“The BODYCOMBAT VR app transports you into the middle of the most popular martial arts workout on the planet.

The gamification and stunning VR vistas combine with the incredible moves, music and instruction that BODYCOMBAT is famous for to create an exhilarating experience that’s so fun you forget you’re even exercising.

“Our mission is to create a fitter planet and we hope the launch of the BODYCOMBAT VR app enables us to reach new audiences and break down barriers to exercise, helping more people to start their fitness journey and reap the rewards of an active lifestyle.”

Jaime Pichardo Garcia, Odders Labs Business Director added: “After many years of taking BODYCOMBAT classes in gyms and at home, it’s been an incredible journey to work on bringing the experience to VR. 

“This is a new step towards the future of fitness, and a revolution for VR workouts by bringing one of the biggest IPs in the fitness world with the same focus as Odders: innovation as the key differentiation of our products.”

The BODYCOMBAT VR app is available now to purchase in the Quest Store (UK £22.99 / US $29.99). A Quest headset is required to play the game.

The game features 25 training sessions ranging from basic to advanced levels, hosted across stunning environments including a desert on Mars, a desolate snowy tundra, ancient Rome, and an evening in a Tokyo-inspired neo city.

Standout features of the game include:


The BODYCOMBAT VR app goes beyond jabs, hooks, and uppercuts. Squat and slip to dodge walls, throw sky punches to break targets, ram home hammer punches, and grab targets to slam with your knee!

Access all types of workouts – including boxing fitness, speed workouts, core exercises, lower body, and more.


All workouts are scientifically designed to deliver results, with players able to track their performance and progress throughout the app experience.


World-famous Instructors Dan Cohen & Rachael Newsham are on hand to help hone technique and motivate players to push through each and every workout.


Specially curated soundtracks featuring the hottest up-and-coming artists to keep players pumped throughout their workouts.