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The Secret Subterranean West London Paradise

K Spa guests by hydropool

The urban oasis from K-West offers guests and visitors, 1 hour long slots to enjoy the spa’s Hydrotherapy pool with submerged power jet seats, Aromatic Herbal Steam room, Scandinavian style Sauna, Sanarium, London’s first Snow Room as well as six beautifully designed treatment rooms and the spa’s very own unique Dry Flotation room.

The Scandinavian Sauna and Steam room will help purify the skin, while the aroma-scented Sanarium with its gentle heat and high humidity transports your body into a state of total relaxation.

K Spa Snow Paradise

K Spa is home to London’s first Snow Room. Filled with the finest natural snow, made from air and water, the cabin is chilled to the icy temperature of -15ºC. This entirely unique experience mimics the Finnish tradition of ‘Hot-Cold Therapy’, allowing guests to alternate between freezing and steamy environments. 

The glass-panelled Hydrotherapy pool, featuring stainless steel recliners, is set underneath a ceiling adorned with twinkling lights. The warm bubbling water massages you in the relaxing, calming way that only water can – giving you buoyancy and removing tension away from your body. 

K Spa Hydrotherapy pool

To complete the experience, fill your personal foot bath with hot, bubbly water and soak away the stresses in your feet. The K Spa experience is totally unique to each individual and can be added onto the end of any treatment too.

The spa carefully selected brands such as Germaine de Capuccini, Aromatherapy Associates and Crystal Clear. 

After all treatments guests are encouraged to unwind in their own individual relaxation pod in the ‘Relax Room’