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Give It A Rest – How To Feel Better By Doing Nothing

David Lloyd Clubs Niksen Class

As we begin a new year, David Lloyd Clubs is challenging the nation to rediscover how to switch off and simply ‘be’ this January, after two-thirds of Brits revealed they felt mentally exhausted at one or more points in 2023 due to endless to-do lists (41%), the pressure of family life (37%) and pressures at work (37%).

According to new research* from David Lloyd Clubs, Europe’s leading premium health and wellness group, 60% can’t remember the last time they switched off and 22% wouldn’t know how to. 

Switching off and taking time out is easier said than done in the modern world, with Brits admitting to only lasting six minutes when trying to do nothing before they reached for their phone or switched on the TV.

Parents (10%) are more than twice as likely to cite social media pressure for their inability to slow down, versus non-parents (4%).

And the external factors making it difficult for us to switch off include worrying about others (24%), looking after family (23%) and anxiety (23%).

The research found that 2 in 5 (41%) agree they would rather have a free weekend doing nothing, than one filled with plans.

David Lloyd Clubs Niksen Class

And further highlighting our desire for a quiet life, 22% even claimed they would rather have 10 minutes of peace to themselves than a Ferrari!

David Lloyd Clubs understands that looking after our mental wellbeing is at the core of a happy, healthy lifestyle, and so this January they are inviting Brits to try out Niksen, the opposite to ‘always-on’ culture. 

Niksen is a Dutch stress-relief practice based on ‘doing nothing’ or ‘just being’. The move is part of David Lloyd Clubs commitment to offering a full range of wellness facilities including premium spa facilities, Mind & Body classes including yoga, Pilates and SPIRIT Sound Meditation Live as all its Clubs, as well as indoor and outdoor swimming.

68% of Brits believe doing nothing would make them happier or healthier, and so to help educate the nation on the benefits of Niksen, David Lloyd Clubs has teamed up with psychologist and Niksen expert, Jan De Jonge, and Life Coach, Counsellor, Bestselling Author & TV Presenter, Anna Williamson.

On Thursday 18th January, David Lloyd Clubs will be running a live digital Niksen class on its Instagram channel for everyone to try for free at home.

They will also be hosting an Instagram live Q&A with Niksen specialist, Jan de Jorge, discussing the importance and benefits of taking time to do nothing in your everyday life.

Selected David Lloyd Clubs will also be running Niksen-inspired classes in person, and on-demand classes will be available on the David Lloyd Clubs App allowing members to learn more about the Dutch trend throughout January and beyond.

Jan de Jonge, Dutch-born psychologist and Niksen expert said: “Wellness is so important in our hectic lives, and the Dutch, with their reputation of being laid back and easy-going, like to “Niksen” after a stressful day’s work. This simply means taking the time to unwind, relax and just do… nothing!

“The last few years have been challenging for many of us and the pace of life just seems to get faster and faster.  Allowing yourself some time out to let your thoughts wander without obligations or expectations that weigh on your shoulders is re-energising and a great way to release tension.

Switching off can be a challenge, and giving yourself permission to do this is probably the hardest part of practising Niksen.

“However, the mental and physical benefits of doing nothing are fantastic, helping to lift your mood and set you up for a more productive and balanced life. It’s been fantastic working alongside David Lloyd Clubs on developing their Niksen class, and I’m sure that attendees will reap the rewards!”

Anna Williamson added: “As a mum of two, I know how hard it can be to take time for yourself during the day alongside a career, housework and all of the other daily commitments and never-ending to-do lists!

However, it’s so important for our mental and physical wellbeing to take a break from constant activity to relax and recharge.

“There are many benefits of doing nothing and practising Niksen, such as reduced stress and anxiety, an improved immune system and overall increased productivity.

This January, I’m definitely going to be taking a step back to incorporate moments of stillness into my life and look forward to trying out the Niksen class at David Lloyd Clubs.

Steph Holland, Creative Director at David Lloyd Clubs added“We live in a world where being busy is seen as attractive. Being busy suggests we’re wanted, have a lot on the go and have a purpose in our lives. 

In a culture that encourages us to always be on, this January at David Lloyd Clubs we’re encouraging Brits to take a step back and try doing the opposite. 

We recognise the importance of rest on our overall mental and physical wellbeing, and so we’re delighted to trial  Niksen classes both in club and online this January, to help members and the public take time to switch off and unwind.”

Launching Niksen classes is another step for the company in its commitment to providing wellness offerings for its members.

With a wide range of wellness facilities all under one roof, members can enjoy the premium spa facilities and take a relaxing swim in the heated indoor or outdoor pools.

They can take part in one of a range of Mind & Body classes, such as SPIRIT, yoga or Pilates, or simply enjoy a nutritious meal in the Clubroom.

Underpinning its investment to wellness, David Lloyd Clubs has introduced luxurious Spa Retreats into 30 Clubs with more in the pipeline.

In addition, David Lloyd Clubs launched SPIRIT Sound Meditation Live across its Clubs last year. The class aims to help members relax and let go of distractions with expert instructors using crystal bowls and ocean drums to help focus the mind.

David Lloyd Clubs also offer state-of-the-art gyms, top-class racquet facilities, well-equipped high-energy group exercise studios, kids club facilities and crèches. Its Clubrooms offer a place to spend time with friends and family or enjoy a bite to eat, our clubs also feature large and inviting spaces to work, relax and socialise.

To find out more information about Niksen at David Lloyd Clubs this January, head to  David Lloyd Clubs: About our new Niksen class

* An online survey was conducted by Atomik Research among over 2,000 respondents from the UK