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‘JUMPGA’ Is A Fitness Programme You Need To Know Now


SUSTAIN HEALTH LOOKS into one of the best fitness trends right now! Do you own a rebounder (mini-trampoline)? Well, I have got some excellent news for you.

While 2021 prepared the way for at-home workouts, here is a fresh approach to your fitness routines to help you achieve your physical – and, more importantly, mental – goals. 

Firstly, are you metabolically flexible? It does not matter if you bend like a pretzel, but are you metabolically flexible?

Metabolic syndrome, or an abnormal metabolism, affects one in every four UK individuals and can lead to obesity, high blood pressure, and excessive blood sugar.

Metabolic flexibility means that your body can switch between using carbohydrates and fats as a fuel source fast and efficiently. Therefore, it becomes easier for you to gain muscle, perform better during exercises, maintain a healthy weight, and stay younger for longer, to name a few advantages.

Mental health training

Yes, we exercise to keep ourselves physically healthy and strong. Still, there is a growing push to ensure that we also exercise to improve our mental health, whether by walking or a more rigorous HIIT session. Experts have long claimed that exercise is the best medicine, and now GPs are ready to begin prescribing exercise classes for those seeking treatment for melancholy and diabetes. 

‘Our members love JUMPGA’s high-intensity training but especially the sense of focus, calm and flexibility from the yoga postures’

Louise Day Champneys Fitness Director 

As recommendations go JUMPGA is a yoga fitness programme that Yoga Alliance Professionals endorse. It is one of the disciplines that makes sense because it works many of the body’s muscle groups while also improving coordination, posture, and mood.

It’s also a great skill to work on for confidence, and many who swear by it say it’s the most empowering workout there is – you’ll feel strong and capable after just one session.

It doesn’t matter what model of rebounder you own, so if you have one in the garage or stored under the bed, drag it out JUMPGA is the best rebounding programme out there.

Classes at the UK’s number one spa Champneys are always booked in advance. Fitness Director Louise Day says, ‘Our members love JUMPGA’s high-intensity training but especially the sense of focus, calm and flexibility from the yoga postures’.

The body is a system, not a set of individual parts. On every rebounder, you engage all 656 muscles in your body. You are bouncing against gravity, strengthening the muscles, bones, heart, and lungs.

It also alleviates up to 80% pressure on the joints. For class information visit for online classes visit