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Jaxjox Revolutionises Recovery With New Foam Rollerconnect

jaxjox FoamRoller

The fitness technology company JAXJOX, who was behind the groundbreaking release of the KettlebellConnect earlier this year, has announced the launch of their newest smart product, the vibrating Foam RollerConnect.

The innovative connected recovery device (a first of its kind) hits the market and is exclusively available at select Apple Stores and

The launch of the new Foam RollerConnect marks a major step in JAXJOX’s path to revolutionising the connected fitness space and more specifically, workout recovery.

In an effort to allow users to streamline fitness routines, the Foam RollerConnect syncs not only with the JAXJOX app – where users can utilise personal data to recover more effectively – but also integrates with Apple Health to monitor and track recovery progress in one centralised location.

Taking Apple compatibility one step further, the Foam RollerConnect also offers the ability to control the device’s settings from an Apple Watch.

“We are excited to be launching the Foam RollerConnect” said Stephen Owusu, Co-Founder and CEO, JAXJOX. “At JAXJOX, innovation is at the core of everything we do.

We are committed to revolutionising the at-home fitness space and making it easier for consumers to attain their wellness goals.

Apple Watch and Health app integration with the Foam RollerConnect will give consumers an easy way to track their recovery and improve their overall wellness.

Consumers no longer have to enter their data manually. They can focus on what matters most, their health.”

With a sleek exterior design and advanced technology, the Foam RollerConnect ushers in a new generation of wellness, enhancing the way people repair and recover as part of their exercise routines.

Activating sore or injured muscles by vibration at varying optimal frequencies, the Foam RollerConnect begins the process of breaking up scar tissue and alleviating muscle stiffness, while also improving range of motion.

The vibrating foam roller offers 5 intensity zones to customise each user’s recovery experience.

With the touch of a button, users can select the workout activity that they’ve just completed along with what muscle group they’d like to work on, and the Foam RollerConnect’s proprietary algorithm automatically works out how long and at what intensity level they should recover.

Alternatively, users have the ability to enable a manual mode, which allows them to select an intensity level and preferred duration based on their personal recovery needs.

Activity selection options include hiking, running, boxing, swimming, yoga, cycling, and strength, while pre-programmed muscle groups include the back, feet, calves, hamstrings, glutes, hip flexors, shoulder, triceps, neck, IT Band, quads, thighs, and lats.

The JAXJOX Foam RollerConnect (£99.95) is available for purchase at select Apple Stores and