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5 Signs It’s Time To Upgrade Your Activewear

women in fitness wear

When it comes to working out, it can feel as if finding the right activewear is half the battle. 

Once you’ve found pieces that work for you, it can be difficult knowing when to part ways with your dream leggings or sports bra. However, it’s important to upgrade your activewear throughout the year.

Here, active and sportswear brand HAVAH share five signs it’s time to upgrade your activewear:

1. Say no to cotton – Whilst undeniably comfortable, cotton workout gear tends to dry too slowly resulting in your sweat irritating your skin. This can lead to breakouts or rashes. 

Try to stick to materials that evaporate sweat, keeping it off your body where possible!

2. Form-fitting is best – Many of us tend to favour oversized workout gear but this can hinder our ability to work on posture and form. 

By wearing form-fitting activewear, you are able to identify where you may be going wrong with press-up or squat positioning.

3. Sports bra woes – Finding the right sports bra can be a mission in itself. It is particularly important to feel fully supported so you can maximise the quality of your workout. 

Over time, sports bras reach a point where they are no longer effective so replacing your collection occasionally is recommended.

4. Elasticity – Your activewear can lose shape over time, meaning it becomes less effective at keeping you supported during workouts. 

If you find yourself continuously pulling up your shorts or leggings, the chances are they have lost their elasticity. 

Not only can this impact your performance but also your confidence!

5. Lingering odour – Due to the sweaty nature of working out, some activewear can cling on to your post-workout scent even after being washed. 

This is a huge sign that it’s time to invest in some new pieces!