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Innermost Launches Summer-Inspired Protein Powder Flavour

innermost protein flavours

Introducing the latest addition to Innermost’s range of wellness products: the enticing Summer Strawberry protein powder flavour.

Just in time for the sun-soaked days of summer, this delightful flavour is joining Innermost’s existing lineup of protein powders: The Lean Protein, The Strong Protein, The Health Protein, and The Fit Protein.

With this new flavour, Innermost offers a tantalizing and nutritious way to meet your fitness and nutrition goals.

Shivraj Bassi, the Founder and CEO of Innermost, expressed his excitement, stating, “We’re thrilled to introduce a fresh flavour to our protein powder collection.

Strawberry has always been a beloved classic, and we’ve put in a lot of effort to develop a formula that provides the same top-quality protein and nutritional benefits as our other flavours.”

Innermost’s protein powders have been carefully crafted to support active lifestyles and assist individuals in achieving their health and fitness objectives.

Each serving contains approximately 30 grams of protein, accompanied by specific functional ingredients tailored to the selected protein powder variant, catering to diverse health and fitness needs.

“Our valued customers expressed their desire for a strawberry flavour, and we’re ecstatic to deliver it to them just in time for summer,” shared Shivraj Bassi.

“We have full confidence that this new flavour will be a resounding success, and we’re excited to witness how our customers incorporate it into their daily routines.”

Here are the available Innermost protein powders, each priced at £29.95:

  1. The Fit Protein: Replenish energy levels and aid in muscle repair and recovery. Vegan-friendly.
  2. The Lean Protein: Supports healthy fat loss and facilitates muscle repair.
  3. The Strong Protein: Maximize muscle growth, enhance strength, and boost power output.
  4. The Health Protein: Foster overall health, bolster the immune system, and aid in muscle repair. Vegan-friendly.

Starting from June 2023, the Summer Strawberry flavour of Innermost’s protein powder will be available for purchase across all protein powder variations.