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How To Stay Young – Young People Are Looking Older Because They Lead Unhealthy Lives

Wayne Leal

Unhealthy lifestyles are causing young people to age faster than they should, making them look older than their actual age.

In contrast to midlifers who want to de-age and become ‘Super-Agers’ – to look younger than their biological age. A scary survey shows that young people are not doing anything to help themselves stay young.

A poll found that bad habits like smoking, drinking, eating junk food, using sun beds, and not taking care of their skin make them older than they should be.

The results showed that how they live now is hurting their looks and making them look years older. In this image-obsessed time, the survey also found that over a quarter of them worry about getting older for 10 minutes a day, which adds up to two and a half days a year.

People in the Northeast age the fastest, which isn’t surprising since they smoke and drink the most and a third of them regularly go out in the sun without sunscreen.

A quarter of people eat junk food two to three times a week, and the average person drinks 448 units of alcohol and smokes 894 cigarettes a year.

Women worry most about looking less attractive and looking like their mothers. About one in ten women between the ages of 25 said they would get an injection to look younger, 9% said they would get plastic surgery, and 66% said they would get a makeover.

Super-Ageing Guru Wayne Lèal says exercise is the best way to stay young. Exercise is good for both your mind and your brain.

The brain sees the start of activity as a stressful time, like when you are fighting or running away from an enemy. It makes a protein called BDNF (brain-derived neurotrophic factor) that protects against stress. It helps new nerve cells grow, improving brain function, health, and thinking.

Wayne’s tips to stay young: what to do.

Did you know that walking for 150 minutes a week can help keep you from getting depressed? Even more powerful benefits come from more strenuous exercise, like cycling and swimming.

● KUN-AQUA exercise lessens the effects of ageing on the nerves that send signals to the muscles. At the cell level, oxidative stress is reduced, and the mitochondria work better. Two or three times a week, try to do two or three sets of one or two multi-joint exercises for each major muscle group. It’s rarely too late. Studies show that even people over 90 can get stronger.

● Don’t rule out protein supplements. In a recent study, 360 adults who had lost muscle mass and strength with age and had low muscle mass and power gained strength and muscle mass after taking leucine, whey protein, and vitamin D every day for three months. Every time I do weight training, I have a protein whey drink.

● If you sit long, get up every 45 minutes. It will help get more blood to your brain. Cathepsin B is a protein that helps the brain work better and is raised by exercise, especially JUMPGA. Muscle cells make it, and it supports and speeds up the growth of new nerves.

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