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Three Amazing Health Benefits Of Circuit Training You Didn’t Know

woman squating scaled

With gyms capping visit times to only an hour, training every part of your body can be a challenging task to achieve every week.

One of the best ways to achieve this in such a short space of time is with circuit training. In fact, a high intensity, one-hour long circuit training sessions are typically made up of 8-12 exercises and can burn up to 750 calories. 

In order to have a balanced workout, it’s vital to train all parts of the body. From thirty second skipping intervals to glute firing squats, there are so many ways to enjoy circuit training. However, often people are unaware of some of the amazing benefits it can really add to your workout routine.  

International fitness instructor, Jeff Kloepping, has specialised in circuit workouts for over 14 years. Here he has shared his advice on becoming more efficient in working out and helping you reap the rewards from circuit training.

Cardiovascular workout

One way to perform circuit training is through exercising with minimal to no rest. If the routine is carried out correctly, you will gain the same benefits as what you would through a cardiovascular workout such as running, swimming or cycling. This is because your heart rate will be elevated for a prolonged period of time and thus maximising calories burnt whilst building muscle. 

A tip recommended by Jeff is to pay attention to the exercise selection and order to ensure you can continue with minimal rest, and thus not fatigue certain muscle groups too easily. This way, you stay motivated to move on to the next exercise and keep your heart rate thriving.

Strength Training

As a result of using resistance training for the most part of a circuit routine, if not all, you will be building muscle and working on your strength for a variety of movements and areas all at the same time. This might include jumping jacks, sprints or burpees, all of which build strength through your whole body and will increase your training endurance. 

It’s important to plan your circuit routine beforehand and increase your resistance or reps from workout to workout to see these health benefits. That might be the difference in 3 sets of 10 squats to 3 sets of 12 squats over the period of two weeks. 

Fat Burning Benefits

Circuit training is one of the best exercises for increasing your heart rate and getting your blood pumping. Since your heart rate will be elevated throughout the entire workout, you will naturally burn hundreds of calories. Pairing this with a nutritionally well-balanced diet will ensure you burn fat and lose weight. Your diet is extremely important if you’re taking part in circuit routine as without the proper foods and fuel, you will find yourself in a substantial calorie deficit. 

If you’re looking to improve your fitness levels and build strength whilst becoming more defined, circuit training is certainly one to consider. It’s health benefits are worth noting and are perfect for the time slot you’re given when visiting the gym.