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Gymbox Revolutionizes Leg Day with ‘Monkey Feet’ Booty-Building Workout Class

Fit woman leg extension

Get ready to elevate your leg day routine to unprecedented heights with Gymbox’s latest offering, the ‘Monkey Feet’ workout class.

This innovative session is meticulously crafted to target your quads, hamstrings, and glutes, promising a comprehensive full-body burn while sculpting that toned, peachy posterior you’ve been striving for.

Forget about cumbersome transitions between machines – in the ‘Monkey Feet’ class, participants strap weights to their ankles and dive straight into a series of exercises designed to maximize lower body hypertrophy.

From squats and lunges to deadlifts and hip thrusts, this reps-based routine, led by Gymbox’s expert trainers, promises to push your limits and unlock newfound strength and definition.

The class kicks off with a dynamic lower body warm-up, featuring exercises like Russian baby makers and lateral banded walks, priming your muscles for the intense workout ahead.

During the 25-minute conditioning phase, attendees don their weighted Monkey Feet dumbbell holders and dive into a series of unilateral exercises aimed at sculpting and strengthening the lower body.

As the session winds down, a dedicated cool-down segment ensures proper recovery through passive full-body stretches, leaving you feeling rejuvenated and ready to tackle your next fitness challenge.

Plus, with Gymbox being the exclusive London gym offering this cutting-edge equipment for group exercise, ‘Monkey Feet’ provides a unique opportunity to elevate your workout routine like never before.

Not only does ‘Monkey Feet’ promise to deliver results ahead of the summer months, but it also boasts additional benefits such as improved stability and knee strength, thanks to its focus on hip flexion, extension, abduction, adduction, and rotation.

Developed by Animal House Fitness and endorsed by physiotherapists and trainers, this class represents the future of leg day workouts.

Hannah Curtis Nunn, Group Fitness Director at Gymbox, emphasizes the class’s innovative approach, stating, “We’re dedicated to pushing boundaries and delivering workouts that truly make a difference.

‘Monkey Feet’ combines specialized equipment with compound barbell lifts to offer a challenging yet rewarding experience, empowering our members to achieve their fitness goals and beyond.”

Experience the revolution in leg day workouts with Gymbox’s ‘Monkey Feet’ class – because when it comes to sculpting your dream physique, there are no ifs, just butts.

Class Timetable

LocationDayTimeInstructor Name
BankTuesday5:30pmNatalia Kotowska
EalingFriday7:30amMikey Herrera
Elephant & CastleWednesday7:30pmCaroline Riley
FarringdonTuesday6pmBianca Pegrume
HolbornTuesday7:30pmMeya Norberg
Westfield StratfordFriday12pmAlison Vella
VictoriaWednesday7pmBella Gatacre