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The Top 10 Gym Pet Peeves As Voted By YOU

woman with smartphone taking mirror selfie in gym

The summer season may be upon us with Britain expected to bathe in a heatwave, but the flurry of gym-goers is by no means over.

The last-minute panic to be in your ‘best shape’ before departing on holiday begins to set in – and everyone else is feeling it too.

From overcrowded gym mats, non-existent mirror space, and long waits for equipment, it’s no surprise your workout isn’t as straightforward as it should be.

No matter how much you spend on a gym membership, everyone has certain expectations when it comes to exercising.

What you probably do not expect to find is the puddle of sweat left on every machine, locker room exhibitionists, or those that decide the gym is the perfect opportunity to catch up on social media.

As a result, online golf shop Golf Support analysed thousands of tweets using ‘gym pet peeve’ related hashtags, therefore compiling an extensive list of more than 50 of the most annoying gym habits.

They then surveyed 1,246 gym-goers to rank which gym habits are this summer’s biggest gym pet peeves. Some of the results will surprise you, and others will certainly not…

The Top 10 Gym Pet Peeves As Voted By YOU!

  1. People not wiping down equipment after use: Failing to clean equipment with provided disinfectant wipes is a common pet peeve, as it can lead to the spread of germs and bacteria.
  1. Excessive noise: Loud grunting, dropping weights, or unnecessary shouting can be disruptive and irritating to others.
  1. Not re-racking weights: Leaving dumbbells, plates, or barbells scattered around the gym floor can create hazards and make it difficult for others to find the equipment they need.
  1. Hogging equipment: Spending excessive amounts of time on a single piece of equipment, especially during busy hours, can frustrate other gym-goers who are waiting.
  1. Poor hygiene: Failing to wear clean workout clothes, excessive body odour, or not showering before using shared facilities can be unpleasant for others.
  1. Talking on the phone: Engaging in loud phone conversations, especially in shared spaces like locker rooms or workout areas, can disrupt the gym environment.
  1. Improper use of equipment: Using equipment incorrectly or not adhering to the posted guidelines can be frustrating for others who may want to use it properly.
  1. Lack of personal space: Invading others’ personal space during exercises or not respecting the designated areas for workouts can lead to discomfort and annoyance.
  1. Inattentive personal trainers: Trainers who are not attentive to their clients, spend time on their phones, or neglect proper form can be a pet peeve for those seeking professional guidance.
  1. Unsolicited advice: Offering unsolicited advice or criticism to other gym-goers can come across as condescending and unwelcome.

According to a whopping 86% of gym-goers, ‘Someone choosing the machine next to you, despite all the others being free’ is the biggest annoyance at the gym.

This was closely followed by 82% of gym-goers finding ‘People that stand and wait for you to finish on a piece of equipment or machine’ irritating.

Furthermore, 8 in 10 people (80%) are infuriated by ‘People that try to ‘reserve’ machines/equipment for themselves or a gym friend.

Unsurprisingly, vocal weightlifters are not welcomed with 77% ranking ‘Loud grunters’ among their least favoured gym habits.

Another trait highlighted at the gym that is sure to frustrate gym-goers are, ‘People that come over and ask how many reps you have left’, with 71% in agreement.

A disregard of basic etiquette seems to aggravate most gym-goers, with the following also ranking among the top 10 gym pet peeves: 

In order to gain further insight into the etiquette of gym-goers, spoke to Gary Lockwood, CEO of 24/7 Fitness:

“Humans have come a long way in the last 250 million years. From caves to cities, hunting to farming, and cave painting to iPhones. It’s 2019 and we must consider ourselves at the very peak of civilisation.

So why is it all these things seem to be forgotten as soon as we walk into the gym? Why do some gym members regress to, at best small children and at worst a lawless mob?

First on the list has to be a failure to put weights away. Leaving machines fully loaded with large weights and then watching other smaller members struggle to take them off.

Second, on the list are the texters! This is a relatively recent offence that appeared around the same time as the mobile phone. Members hogging machines to use as armchairs while they text their friends.

My last choice was very difficult to narrow down. Members who drop weights crashing to the floor or the grunters, who scream like silverback gorillas lifting even the most modest weights.

However, third spot has to go to the sweat monsters. Moving from machine to machine leaving puddles of warm salty moisture for the rest of us to sit in.

It’s hard to believe, but the gym is a public place just like any other. We all share the space. Most are incredible value for money and offer a great service.

They are a wonder of the modern world. So please, be considerate to the people around you and the world you live in and act in a civilised manner when you want to work out.”