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Splits and Stretching Studio Opens In Kensington, London

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Introducing London-based stretching and splits studio Good Stretch, a familiar fitness-based concept with a structured and effective approach.

Each session of 50 minutes is delivered by co-founder of Good Stretch and stretching coach Ana Moore. A personal trainer with over 4 years of experience helping her clients boost their flexibility and achieve bespoke fitness goals, Ana is a firm believer that professionally-supported stretching can help to relieve stress, ease muscle pain, boost a range of motions and even elevate your mood.

Why is stretching so important for us?

Stretching is one of the most undervalued exercises that can help you live a healthy lifestyle. It can improve the ability to participate in all sports, including football, rugby, tennis, boxing, pilates, dance, CrossFit and it can also improve your performance in the gym.

Stretching can build muscle and help lose weight, improve blood circulation, build self-confidence and resistance to stress. By intensely stretching your muscles, you’ll become leaner, longer, and lighter on your feet.

When was the last time you did the splits? 

If your answer is never, you’re not alone. Asking your body to perform this impressive-looking but often painful task is challenging.

Splits can increase hip mobility and flexibility, leading to improved functional mobility. Once you learn how to safely execute the splits, the benefits are endless. 

Fellow co-founder and owner of Good Stretch Aida Yahaya said: “The idea for Good Stretch came from the frustration that, although London is full of yoga classes, there are very few professional studios that specialise in providing effective training for stretching and achieving the splits in central London.

Having experienced the popularity of stretching classes in other parts of the world, nothing beats that great feeling and self-confidence boost after a good stretch and, in time, being able to do the splits. “We wanted to give more people the opportunity to achieve that feeling too and what better time than the start of the year to get through the winter months.

The benefits of stretching are unrivalled. Even after one session with Good Stretch, members will notice progress and difference. 

But if you are considering to be able to do splits, depending on your level flexibility, our lower body splits session, 1 – 2 times a week will certainly get you closer to your goal

Good Stretch launched in Kensington, London, at the beginning of January 2020. The studio is offering a range of classes, including: Full Body Stretch, Lower Body Stretch and  Splits. 


Address: 2-24 Kensington High Street, W8 4PT Royal Garden Hotel- Anytime fitness