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Global Sleeping Patterns 2023 Revealed By Garmin

man wakes to check his watch in bed

Celebrate World Sleep Day 2023 with Garmin as they unveil intriguing insights into global sleep patterns, utilizing their cutting-edge Garmin Connect sleep score metrics.

We’ve heard it time and time again – sleep is crucial to our well-being, affecting both our mental and physical health. The target of 7-9 hours per night sounds achievable but often slips through our grasp, leaving us longing for those lost zzz’s.

Altering our not-so-impressive habits, however, is a challenge in itself. But even when we manage to pry ourselves away from screens and indulge in our recommended dosage of shut-eye, are we truly aware of what transpires during those precious hours?

It seems Brits toss and turn in their beds, barely snoozing their way into the top 20 best sleepers worldwide as Garmin Connect’s sleep score data reveals that the UK struggles to catch its forty winks, barely making it into the top 20 list of well-rested nations. 

Meanwhile, the Nordics enjoy a peaceful night’s sleep, unsurprisingly securing their spot in the top five of the World Happiness Report. Sweet dreams, indeed!

Scott Burgett, Senior Director of Garmin Health Engineering has shared his top tips for getting a better night’s sleep and boosting a sleep score: “We cannot underestimate the importance of a good night’s sleep. It is vital that our bodies have ample time to rest and recover to allow us to handle anything that comes our way.”

Scott’s top five tips for improving sleep are:

1.            Having a solid routine – try to keep to regular sleep and wake-up times, even on weekends

2.            Avoid intense training sessions within an hour of bedtime

3.            Perform breathing exercises like meditation before bed

4.            Try to avoid big meals, caffeine, and alcohol before going to sleep