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Pioneering UK Tech Wellness Firm Launches Flagship King’s Road Clinic

Compression Therapy

Get A Drip, the UK’s leading provider of health, well-being, and diagnostics solutions and technologies, has announced the opening of a brand-new flagship clinic on Chelsea’s King’s Road – the first of an anticipated 120 new clinics – as the franchise modelled firm looks to scale significantly, buoyed by projected turnover of near £10 million this financial year (£9.6m), near tripling the previous year’s audited figure (£3.6m).

Now with an already developed portfolio of 29 clinics across the UK and Europe – a 164% increase on the 11 Get A Drip had just 12 months ago – Get A Drip’s expansive UK rollout is also expected to create some 360 plus new UK jobs in the next two to four years.

As public demand for high-quality health and wellness services continues to accelerate, the Get a Drip King’s Road clinic will house the most extensive range of innovative wellness treatments yet, including the launch of two new cutting-edge technologies – Get A Drip’s Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy and Infrared Sauna – featuring alongside industry-leading IV Drip treatments and Booster Shots, Cryotherapy, Ozone Therapy, PBM (Photobiomodulation)/Red Light Therapy, Compression Therapy, Vitamin D Testing and Blood Testing.

Speaking on the launch of the King’s Road clinic, Get A Drip founder and CEO Richard Chambers has hailed it as a landmark moment for the company, explaining:

CEO & Founder Richard Chambers

“The arrival of Get A Drip on the reputable King’s Road will provide our customers with the most extensive access to leading health, wellness and diagnostic treatments under one roof, essentially creating a ‘one-stop-shop’ for all your wellness needs.”

Chambers adds: “This opening is a proud moment for everyone associated with the business. Coupled with our wider growth ambitions, it’s an exciting step for us, as we look to provide the highest quality services to customers across the globe in the years ahead.”

With more than 65 medical professionals having administered 100,000+ cutting-edge treatments to date, the company boasts an 86% customer return rate, providing the most accessible and sophisticated range of market-leading Vitamin Drips, Vitamin Injections and diagnostics available across the UK health and wellness market.

By expanding their service offering considerably, Get A Drip hopes to continue to democratise the health and wellness industry, cementing its position as a leading force pioneering the future of health and wellness optimisation. 

Chambers comments: “In the last five years, people have become significantly more health conscious, seeking preventative, holistic health and wellness solutions more than ever.

Healthcare has also become highly congested with digital offerings, and there is a gap in the market when it comes to physical face-to-face offerings, something Get A Drip is passionate about providing and making more accessible.”

Chambers adds: “There is only so much that can be done online or via the post, and it’s our aim to ensure that every client who uses one of our personalised services benefits from the very best experience and care.

Whether that be in our core clinics, or through our mobile clinics or at-home testing products, I think ensuring the highest standard is met every time has been a big contributing factor – to our customer return rate – and our broader success.”

The idea behind Get A Drip was born when founder and CEO Richard Chambers in 2010 on his 18th birthday was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes.

Three years later, Chambers was rushed into intensive care after suffering with complications, a journey which proved to be the start of a seven-year period in and out of hospital due to a weakened immune system.

It was his time in hospital, overwhelmed by the benefits of IV treatment as a major factor in his recovery, that acted as the catalyst for setting up the business.

Reflecting on Get A Drip’s journey up until now, Chambers said: “The trajectory we’ve enjoyed since setting up the business six years ago has been extraordinary.

During that time we’ve made huge strides, executing on our principal goal to democratise the IV Drip space. Alongside this, we’re now taking that to the next level.

Broadening out our offering to encompass over 40 state-of-the-art health and wellness technologies, we are just getting started – we are truly committed to providing consumers with the most innovative technologies to enhance their well-being.”

Despite Get A Drip’s continued growth, this has not come without its challenges, which in the last year has forced the firm to re-evaluate its entire organisational structure to ensure scalability in terms of systems, capital, staffing, and more.

Chambers comments: “We’re fortunate to have the guidance of seasoned advisors like Tony Buffin (formerly CEO of Holland & Barrett),  and a newly appointed, highly experienced COO, Spencer Grout, who brings three decades of experience across various sectors including retail, medical, and franchise expansion.”

“The future looks bright for Get A Drip!”, Chambers explains.

He adds: “Our goal remains the same – to provide industry-leading health and wellness treatments at the most accessible price points as we continue to expand both in the UK, and internationally.” 

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