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Personal Training Reimagined:  P3rform Offer Wider Population Access To High-Quality Performance Coaching

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Physical performance specialists Game Changer Performance have launched their own coaching app – P3RFORM – to bring their world-class performance services to a wider audience.

The 24/7 holistic offering prioritises lifestyle, movement, and each individual’s own personal circumstances and goals.  At the heart of the brand is quality: from the level of coaching available to the style of the interface. 

With the P3RFORM app, you can start tracking your workouts and meals, measuring results and achieving your fitness goals, all with the help of your own expert performance coach.

The focus is on replicating the way that elite athletes manage their fitness with access to experts and support in a cost-effective way. 

For £110 a month, everyday athletes will have access to the same level of expertise with daily access to a dedicated expert coach to help manage their health.

With users benefitting from their own specialist performance coach, with whom they can have regular contact via both a chat function and video calls.

Clients have an unlimited amount of sessions and contact from their coaches which makes P3RFORM a truly cost-effective way to access high-quality coaching.  

The P3RFORM app features full integration with Fitbit and Apple Watch so that users can calibrate movement and lifestyle analytics.

The app also features integration with other fitness apps, such as MyFitnessPal, so that users can store all data in one place and track nutrition as well as fitness.

Clients start their journey with access to the P3RFORM digital profiling tool which creates a bespoke report for them and their coach to analyse.

From there coaches build a completely individualised programme for clients to follow that is shaped around their lifestyle and goals.  

Jake Keeling, Founder and Managing Director of P3RFORM, said, “ Through our work with professional athletes and teams over the past 5 years at Game Changer Performance, we realised how many depended on coaches to keep athletes in great condition and performing at the highest levels. We’ve now made that quality of coaching accessible to everyone via P3RFORM.

“P3RFORM is unlike any other fitness service because your plan adapts to work around your daily life.

P3RFORM offers the three things that are key to being successful at fitness: flexibility, expertise, and accountability.

People lead busy lives so P3RFORM takes away that guesswork approach that most people have when it comes to their fitness. 

“ I’m thrilled to be able to open the doors to everyone from everyday health seekers to high performers who want access to unlimited coaching and support from our expert coaches.”

For more information about P3RFORM, visit and on their socials at Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Twitter.