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Freeletics Introduces The Daily Athlete Score

fit looking person checking their phone

Freeletics unveils a new feature to help users track their progress, visualise their fitness status and encourage training consistency with the launch of the Daily Athlete Score (DAS)

Providing a near real-time status of fitness using multiple metrics and over 100 different data points, the DAS accurately summarises a user’s fitness level into a single descriptive score, offering a new level of personalisation within the Freeletics app and an additional way to measure progress, set goals, and track performance. 

Giving users a score from zero to 100, the DAS considers: 

Consistency: This is calculated based on the workouts you do compared to the workouts you scheduled.

Performance: Calculated by benchmarking your Speed, Strength, Stamina, and Skill scores against 50+ million data points validated by Free Athletes with similar profiles and Training Journeys.

  • Speed is calculated based on the time you take to complete God and running workouts.
  • Strength is calculated based on maximum repetitions performed within one round for bodyweight exercises and the estimated 1 rep max for weighted exercises.
  • Stamina is calculated based on the number of bodyweight exercise repetitions performed (or duration, for specific exercises like Planks) within one round.
  • Skill is calculated on the average completion rate of Skill Progressions including all steps toward a skill.

Recovery: A metric to help users schedule recovery and rest days to discourage overtraining and prevent injury and fitness plateaus.

Renowned worldwide for its hyper-personalised approach to health and fitness, the introduction of the DAS aims to help Freeletics users develop a consistent approach to training as well as an accurate way to track and analyse performance over a three-month period.  

Available as part of the Freeletics Coach subscription, the DAS can be found in your ‘profile’, and your score can easily be shared with the Freeletics community, encouraging you to take pride in your hard work and accomplishments, as well as inspire others. 

Offering the world’s most advanced digital fitness coaching thanks to revolutionary AI technology, Freeletics is trusted by 55 million users worldwide and on a mission to help users become strong on the inside out.

Featuring an almost infinite number of workouts, Training Journeys for every goal, and a unique mindset coaching feature which gives users the tools needed to build a balanced, goal-oriented mindset, Freeletics offers a 360-degree approach to health and fitness.