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Eleiko Raise the Bar for Foundry Gyms

Pictured from left to right: Ben Gotting (Foundry), Laura Hoggins (Foundry), Sarah Burgess (Eleiko). © Eleiko UK X JST Compete

Eleiko, the experts in precision-crafted strength equipment, has been chosen by London gym corporation, Foundry, as the official kit supplier for its host of new gyms.

Following the merge with W10 Personal Training in July 2022, Foundry is now a 5-site small group personal training operation with a strong ambition to grow its communities and enhance the lives of members through customer-first, results-driven gyms.

Each Foundry site is home to the new, Eleiko Prestera half racks and (yet-to-be-launched) cable system, complete with Sport Training plates, XF barbells and the new, upgraded Eleiko competition kettlebells.

All gyms have had a re-shuffle in layout and design, considering the optimal member experience first, whilst ensuring the community focus continues throughout.

Jean-Claude Vacassin, Managing Director of Foundry, says: We’re extremely proud to partner with Eleiko.  Their vision, values, and culture are truly aligned with ours at Foundry – best-in-class product and service, people-centred, and a holistic outlook – which made them a clear choice to support us through this exciting next phase.  We’re looking forward to some exciting projects as the partnership develops – watch this space.

Sarah Burgess, UK Regional Manager of Eleiko, says: Helping communities to discover the power of strength training is something we are extremely passionate about, so we are pleased to cement this partnership with Foundry.

Eleiko’s values are echoed across Foundry’s brand, from their attitude to sustainability, their support within the local community and the desire to provide a best-in-class service. This collaboration is one we are proud of and look forward to the future in partnership.

Eleiko UK: