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Follo: The World’s First Fully Automated Walking Safety App


Follo, a lifestyle and technology brand focused on personal safety, launches the world’s first fully automated walking safety app – a revolutionary new digital tool, created to empower people to feel safer, more confident and independent when making journeys by foot. 

The app is completely free to use, works worldwide and, when activated for a walk, monitors the user’s device with four innovative Safety Triggers until they safely reach their destination.

If something unusual happens while the app is activated, Follo will send a timed and security-enabled notification to the user’s phone checking in on them first. 

If unresponsive, the app automatically alerts the user’s pre-selected Key Contacts via SMS. The message contains the user’s last recorded location, the reason for the alert and a link to recommended guidance on how to respond. 

The Safety Triggers that monitor a user’s journey are automatically activated if the device starts moving significantly faster than walking speed, it deviates from their chosen route, the device stops moving for too long, or if it becomes disconnected. 

Follo’s ground-breaking automated features solve a number of problems facing users of other walking safety apps and address many of the reasons that are preventing people from using one in the first place.

Apart from being incredibly quick and simple to use, Follo is disrupting the safety tech space by providing users with 3 key differentiators: 

Automatic: They do not have to manually activate an alert (i.e. interact with their device) when in an unsafe moment or in need of assistance. 

Private: Follo only monitors its user’s device when activated for a journey, and their Key Contacts are only contacted if an alert is triggered and they are unresponsive. Users are not required to notify their Key Contacts or share their location with anyone ahead of every journey. 

Hassle free: A user’s Key Contacts do not need to download or sign-up to the app in order to receive SMS alerts. 

According to a recent UK survey, 2/5 men and 4/5 women say they feel unsafe when walking alone after dark in a park or open space, contributing to the millions of people globally who do not feel safe, or lack the confidence, to walk alone.

Yet, according to a survey by the charity Mind, 94% of people said ‘green exercise’ like walking improved mental health, with further data showing that walking a mile and a half releases 75% fewer greenhouse gases than driving a car over the same distance. 

Chris Miller, co-founder of Follo says: “Like most personal safety tools there shouldn’t be a need for a product like ours, and we wish there wasn’t, yet people are looking for tools to feel safer and more independent. We want to provide the best possible product for them, one that is not only reliable and easy-to-use but one that is also superior in its innovation and function.” 

Charlie Pothecary, co-founder, Follo adds: “Whether walking for physical or mental health benefits, to help reduce carbon footprint, for the necessity of travel, or just for the pure love for it – we want people to have, and believe they should have, peace-of-mind and confidence when out and about on foot.” 

Since being released to app stores, Follo has used valuable real-world feedback to inform the development of new features. “Just Walk” is the first of these, designed to monitor meandering dog walks and free strolls without a specific route or destination.

If selected by the user, this feature retains three of the four Safety Triggers, removing the route deviation trigger and allowing for those less structured walks. 

The brand also plans to enter the public and private sectors offering Follo to businesses, as part of their Duty of Care policies, alongside other health and wellbeing products provided to help employees lead happier, healthier and safer lives. 

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To download the app for free, please visit either the App Store or Google Play