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How To Choose The Right Flowers to Say Sorry

rose bouquet

A quarrel with a loved one leaves a persistent unpleasant aftertaste on the soul. To get rid of it as soon as possible, you just need to make peace.

A worthy way to apologize is to give a beautiful bouquet of flowers. When choosing flowers for reconciliation, certain nuances should be taken into account, because the bouquet should express feelings and convey the right message. View the bouquets here.

Can you apologize with a bouquet?

If it’s hard to say “I’m sorry” with words, it’s better to give something beautiful and warming the soul. Expensive gifts for an apology are not suitable, because the offended person will think that they are trying to pay him off. Sending a bouquet of flowers is just the thing, since such a gift will not arouse suspicion.

Apologizing with flower delivery has been practised for decades. This is already a kind of tradition. The person who received the bouquet immediately understands why it was presented, and draws the right conclusions. A bouquet for reconciliation must meet the following requirements:

  • consist only of natural flowers (no plastic);
  • contain greenery (fern leaves, twigs, herbs);
  • have 3 to 7 large plants (for example, gladioli, peonies or roses, which can be diluted with lilies of the valley, daisies, crocuses);
  • be simple and presentable at the same time.

Absolutely everyone likes flowers, both women and men. They uplift the mood with their appearance and aroma. The bouquet will stand in a conspicuous place for a long time and delight with its luxury.

Apologizing with same-day delivery is a good solution in any situation, regardless of the reason for the quarrel.

What flowers will say “I’m sorry” without words?

As an apology to an offended person, you can present almost any flowers, but not cacti. This gesture should not seem formal. Therefore, you need to choose a bouquet wisely, paying attention to his or her favourite flowers.

The classic options for reconciliation are:

  • red and burgundy roses – a symbol of love, fidelity and devotion, suitable for an apology to your girlfriend;
  • yellow or white roses – a symbol of family well-being and stability, suitable for an apology to a wife, sister, or mother;
  • pink, cream and two-tone peonies – a symbol of gratitude and respect, suitable for an apology to an elderly person of any gender;
  • alstroemerias or Peruvian lilies – universal flowers of friendship, suitable for an apology to a friend, acquaintance, friend, or colleague.

You can give a bouquet personally or with the help of intermediaries. If you choose online flower delivery, it must be supplemented with a postcard or leaflet with warm words, so that it is clear why it was brought. Together with flowers, it is customary to give sweets, cakes, alcoholic drinks or fruits.

Which bouquet to choose for an apology?

The modern assortment of bouquets is striking in variety. Bouquets are different in shape, size, colour, and design. It is difficult for an inexperienced person to choose the right one. For reconciliation, it is recommended to buy bouquets:

  •    classic spherical or drop-shaped – look simple and concise, neat and elegant;
  •    asymmetric – creative people will like it;
  •    with falling flowers – they look interesting, expensive and unusual;
  •    vertical (from flowers on high legs) – cause admiration even among the most offended persons.

You can also apologize by sending a box of flowers to a loved one. It is better for older people to give flowers in a basket. And housewives will definitely like flowering plants in a pot: orchids, violets, fuchsias, and azaleas.