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Fitness Tips And Workout For Keeping Motivated During Lockdown 2.0

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ClassPass, the leading global fitness and wellness membership, has teamed up with Paul Trendell, CEO of partner studio Victus Soul, to suggest ideal workouts for the new phase of lockdown.

Paul shares to us a combination workout session along with details on the benefits of combining running with strength training.

He has also shared some motivational tips to help people stick to their exercise regimes whilst they can’t get into studios.

ClassPass also conducted a new survey into the impact COVID-19 has had on workers across the world, revealing employee wellness trends during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Half of professionals polled have reported increased workload, burnout and stress levels as a result of juggling work-life balance and 80% claim that fitness activities are crucial in establishing a new work-from-home routine. 

Motivation Tips:

  • Music – is a great motivator and can really impact your performance. Make your sessions fun – keep changing your playlist and don’t listen to the same tunes over and over again. You can also vary your classes by picking from more than 50,000 ClassPass on-demand and livestream options to continually keep workouts fresh
  • Track your sessions and set yourself challenges – it can simply be about running a faster time over a set distance. At Victus Soul (bookable on ClassPass), we complete our 1 mile challenges through November. We track our members’ times and encourage personal goal setting which gives you more reason to train often 
  • Making physical activity part of your daily routine – make it simple and fun. Don’t set out a one-hour routine if all you have is 10-minutes in the morning. Adapt to what suits you – ClassPass makes this incredibly easy with videos that can be sorted based on length including 10 minute options when that is the time you have
  • Being accountable to yourself – sit down with your weekly schedule and try to build exercise into your diary by planning out your workouts and signing up for your ClassPass livestream classes in advance for the week. Be good to your body!
  • Reward yourself – whether it’s treating yourself to a nice meal or enjoying a night on the sofa, you must remember that we all deserve some self love 
  • Invest in some good workout gear for the winter – don’t let the cold days put you off! You will feel more confident if you’re comfortable whilst exercising and will be able to push yourself further

40 Minute RUN & STRENGTH Workout 

This session allows you to add some muscle strengthening exercises to your run training, which we recommend doing outside if you don’t have access to a running machine. Many of us can often forget to do exercises after our runs, so this is a great full body workout combining the two. 

Top tip – try and ensure you complete the full minute for each strength exercise. If this means slowing down the movement or modifying it slightly, it will still be of great benefit


  • 10-min warm-up at an easy-run effort
  • Run: 1 min @ 5k pace (7 out of 10 perceived exertion)
  • Strength: 1 min of walking lunges
  • Run: 2 mins @ 5k pace
  • Strength: 1 min of squats
  • Run: 3 mins @ 5k pace
  • Strength: 1 min of burpees 
  • Run: 4 mins @ 5k pace
  • Strength: 1 min plank hold
  • Run: 5 mins @ 5k pace
  • Strength: 1 min of press-ups
  • 10 min cool down at an easy-run effort 

Why we recommend a combination workout:

At Victus Soul, we have a HIIT&RUN class (bookable through ClassPass) that combines running and strength training in a studio based 50 minute class. Supplementing running with strength training exercises is a fantastic combination, as it makes you stronger and faster but also helps to prevent injuries. Runners specifically should be targeting key muscles that will aid balance and focus on moving forward.

Here are some of the best exercises to help runners:

  • Back Extensions – to work lower & middle back, glutes and shoulders
  • Plank – to work core, lower back and shoulders
  • Squat to Overhead Press – to work full body
  • Weighted Forward Lunge – to work Quads, glutes and hamstrings
  • Rotational Shoulder Press – to work Shoulders, Core, Triceps

The great thing about all these exercises is that they are all relatively simple, basic movements. With a second lockdown, we know that you cannot make it to the studio at the moment, so these exercises can easily be done at home.

If you prefer guidance to make sure you are working out effectively and avoiding injury, check out the ClassPass catalog of 50,000 weekly at-home workouts, including bookable livestream workouts from Victus Soul