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Someone Has Created A Fitness Advent Calendar And We’re Not Sure How To Feel

woman lays on floor after exercise scaled

If you’re the type of person who gets excited about opening your Advent calendar every morning in December, you might be upset to hear that someone has invented a fitness-themed one, which hides a different type of torturous exercise behind each door.

Instead of tearing open a sweet treat with your morning cuppa, Virtual Racing’s ‘24 Days of Christmas Fitness‘ calendar makes its unfortunate owner do mini fitness challenges during Advent instead.

Just imagine waking up on a cold December day and finding out you need to do a five-minute finisher, which involves 40 sit-ups, 40 jumping jacks and 40 mountain climbers. We reckon we’d be tempted to skip Christmas entirely.

The good news is that you don’t have to end up in a sweating, red-faced mess every day. Some of the challenges are mindfulness exercises instead, to help keep you feeling stress-free as the Christmas tasks and deadlines pile up.

To keep you motivated on your Advent fitness journey, you also collect stickers and badges along the way. And if you make it to day 25 without giving up and throwing the calendar in the bin in a fit of rage? You get to be the proud owner of a very bling Christmas medal.

If you thought you could just avoid opening the doors and sealing your fate, then think again – the calendar will send you 24 festive-themed emails daily, with details of the challenges and low impact options, so you literally have no excuses.

We had no idea that healthy Advent calendars were such a thing, but after the year we’ve had, we reckon we all deserve to take the month off and enjoy the simple pleasure of a bit of cheap chocolate in the morning.

Still, priced at £25, the calendar could make the perfect gift for a loved one that you want to subject to misery this Christmas. Let’s hope your significant other hasn’t thought of it first.