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‘Tinder Minus the Unfit Masses’? Dating App Literally Caters To Fit Singles

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Mark Brooks, a longtime dating platform analyst, and leader of the industry, knows about the power of niche. And certainly, FITAFY offers a unique niche: “Dating apps help people sort through to the people they really fancy.  Fit people tend to like fit people, so this app really serves a great niche, which is actually quite huge.”

There is now an online dating option for active people who value lifestyle compatibility over simply swiping left. FITAFY, the healthy dating app for active people has launched in the UK.

True success in finding love has always been about sharing things in common.

The Perth-based founders of dating app Fitafy think they’ve uncovered the secret to a lasting relationship — the only catch is you have to enjoy getting sweaty.

Designed by former WAFL player and entrepreneur Stephen Mansfield and tech professional Cem Miral, FITAFY aims to match couples based on their fitness and dietary preferences and whether they prefer yoga to weightlifting.

“We set out to change the online dating game and challenge the negative perceptions that are out there,” Mansfield said. FITAFY has expanded into the UK and has reached one million matches by the end of last year.

FITAFY has just made that more accessible by being designed to match people who value fitness and wellbeing with like-minded people for healthy relationships.

FITAFY was created to address a common dating problem that Mansfield found among his friends and colleagues. They would often complain that they had little success in meeting compatible people using current dating apps available.

“Most think that people who have active and healthy lifestyles wouldn’t have a problem meeting other people, but they do!” said Mansfield.

The traditional catching up over a drink and dinner is not how health-conscious people want to date these days. Health and fitness enthusiasts’ lifestyle choices are often incompatible with meeting new people at the usual places like bars and clubs.

FITAFY goes beyond simply swapping out a cocktail and sunset date with a walk and a smoothie.

People who are committed to being at the gym, yoga studio, or on the road cycling early in the morning or after work and follow specific diets that support their active lives are looking for a partner who will not only appreciate their lifestyle but share it,” says Mansfield.

Importantly, FITAFY isn’t just for the hard-core gym junkies.

“In the past ‘fitness’ may have primarily meant going to the gym, these days it covers a full spectrum of activities, and FITAFY helps people find their ‘fit’ by providing members with the option to choose from a list of various activities and dietary preferences to tailor compatible matches,” explains Mansfield.

In a world where people increasingly embrace health and wellness, FITAFY is poised to be the next must-have lifestyle app for those seeking meaningful connections based on shared interests and lifestyle values.

FITAFY launched in Australia on Apple and Android stores on Oct 1, 2020. However, FITAFY has sights set on international expansion with great progress in the United Kingdom.

To find out more you can download the app via Apple or Google Play