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Pilates Teacher And Founder Of Facetoned Offers Free Daily 30 Minute Full Body Classes

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By David Saunders | UPDATED: 11:28, 23 March 2020

Pilates teacher and founder of FaceToned® ( Facial Fitness programme, Carme Farré, is offering free daily live online 30 minute full body Pilates in order to help everyone stay sane and healthy.

Carme says:

“It’s really important for me to do my part to ensure that everyone who is working from home, or who is self isolating, is looking after their general well being. I am Spanish, and have lots of family and friends in Spain who are currently in lockdown – therefore I am keen to keep everyone there, and in the UK, feeling happy and positive, through teaching some of my favourite Pilates and FaceToned® facial fitness movements.

“‘FaceToned® combines the precision of the Pilates technique with working out to the rhythm of the music. It delivers visible results in a just a short period, in a fun and easy way, and is an essential addition any natural, healthy and holistic beauty routine. Doing the FaceToned® exercises can also help you to relax and boost mindfulness, and is a simple practice which can reduce stress and increase calmness”

If you would like to join Carme’s Pilates and FaceToned® class..

  • The classes will take place daily 4pm UK GMT, and 6pm Spanish time

  • To join in the classes, subscribe to the FaceToned® YouTube channel

“Your face is the mirror of your soul. Exercising regularly is key, together with using the right beauty products and nutrition”

Ageing is a natural and unavoidable part of life, yet many of us are keen to find a solution to help us look our best. Treatments and products play a big part, and facial fitness is the latest technique designed to slow down the natural signs of ageing.

FaceToned® Facial Fitness was created by Pilates teacher Carme Farré. It is based around the theory that we work out the muscles in our body regularly, yet the muscles in our face tend to get forgotten. FaceToned® is a natural facial Pilates routine that tones the muscles to lift and rejuvenate your overall facial appearance.

Carme says: “By toning the facial muscles, we start to reduce fine lines and loose skin. The technique focuses on the four most common concerns: the neck, cheeks, eyes and forehead. With FaceToned®, after week four you can start to see the benefits, and after six weeks friends will start asking you: ‘What are you doing and why do you look so well?!’ FaceToned® is all about embracing ageing whilst exercising your face, in the same way we exercise to maintain a healthy, functional body.“

FaceToned® offers online programmes including free live webinars, and is also available as an app. Using special techniques, demonstrated by Carme, the programme shows how to work deep into the core facial muscles and then more superficial ones surrounding your face, creating natural definition and a more taut and toned appearance.

A recent survey of FaceToned members (5×15 minutes for 8 weeks) found they noticed:

  • A more toned and defined of their overall face

  • Volume in their cheeks improved, with reduction in laughter lines

  • Wrinkles in their foreheads reduced significantly and their skin looks more taut

  • Improvement and definition in the jaw and jowls – the number one concern of women

In addition:

  • 90% found it fun and wanted to finish the programme and keep it as their ritual

  • 70% of members commit to regularly register to do weekly webinars

Carme continues: “Most clients who start FaceToned® are keen to do it five times a week. They find that shortly after starting it becomes a must in their beauty routine. FaceToned® becomes their ritual, in the same way that their exercise routine fits into their lifestyle.”

How is FaceToned® exercises different from other facial exercises?

Carme studied Pilates with some of the world’s most renowned teachers, and based on this she developed key Pilates principles to train your facial muscles. FaceToned® exercises use a variety of isometric, isotonic and stretching techniques to exercise the facial muscles. Through this technique you are taught to isolate the muscles you want to work on and to relax the rest the same way you would do in Pilates.

 “I always loved working out and when I discovered facial exercises, it was a revelation for me” says Carme.” It made complete sense to me that exercising your facial muscles could lead to a more youthful appearance in the same way as we when we exercise the muscles in the rest of our body.

I started facial exercise at 35, but FaceToned® is suitable for anyone of any age who wants to prevent ageing, tone up or rehabilitate their facial muscles. Exercise is one of the most powerful anti-ageing methods possible for the body, and the same is true for the face. By exercising our facial muscles, we can increase muscle tone and volume, thereby leading to a more youthful appearance.”

FaceToned® gives structure to the face and tones up the ‘core’ muscles of the face, leading to a more defined jawline, lessening of double chins, fuller cheeks, and smoother ‘laughing lines’ and softer wrinkles in the forehead.

After only several workouts, skin will appear glowing, fresh, healthy, young and relaxed. Combining the exercises with the right diet and skincare routine, you will see improvement in muscle tone and volume, and will smooth out the wrinkles above the muscles you have worked out.

About Carme Farré, founder of FaceToned®

Carme has a professional background in economics. She always loved fitness and took advance of any type of exercise anywhere she travelled to. In 2011, at the age of 39, she decided to become a teacher of Face Fitness and Pilates.

In 2013, she opened her own private studio, Studio Carme in London and has been teaching facial exercises to hundreds of private clients ever since.

Her years of study and practical experience have helped Carme to clearly understand facial anatomy, and how to tone the facial muscles efficiently. The FaceToned® technique gest deep into the core muscles required to build the structure into the face to hold the skin in the best and most natural way possible, without using artificial methods.

How does it work? 

FaceToned® can be accessed FaceToned website and chose a monthly or a yearly membership, like you do with any other online gym. Then download the phone app: “FaceToned: Face Fitness Program” and you will find:

Live weekly webinars

·       Unlimited access to all webinars

·       Ask questions through your App and get the answers in the weekly webinars

FaceToned® Foundation Programme

·       Six week programme (based on five days of exercise per week)

·       Schedule the days and the time you want to work out in the App calendar

·       18 exercises precisely explained

·       Four sets of 15-minute tutorials to learn the exercise techniques

·       10 workouts set to the rhythm of music

·       Flexible face workout options, ranging from 10-30 minute workouts

FaceToned® recipes

·       More than 50 healthy recipes that provide important nutrients to renew your facial muscles and skin, and address hormonal imbalances

For more information about FaceToned® please visit 

The FaceToned® app is now available in the Google a
nd Apple app stores.


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