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The UK’s Most Popular Exercise Trends 2022

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The study by sports nutrition experts analysed Google search data for over 40 exercises made for different parts of the body to discover which ones Britons search for the most.

First are bench presses, also called chest presses, with 31,000 average monthly searches. This exercise can be used to strengthen the muscles of the upper body, and there are different variations to the exercise, depending on which part of the body is targeted, including the pectorals, arms and shoulders. In order to correctly execute the exercise, it is best to have the correct equipment which can easily be found in any equipped gym.

Second on the list are Romanian Deadlifts, with 29,000 average monthly searches. This exercise is used to exercise the lower part of the body, specifically increase hip mobility and the glutes.

This specific type of deadlift is different from the traditional type, and the main difference lies in the way the body moves when lifting the weights: if in a traditional deadlift you would typically squat to lift yourself, in a Romanian Deadlift the legs are kept straight throughout the whole exercise.

Lat Pulldowns come in third with 18,000 average monthly searches. This is one of the most common exercises in the gym also because of its adaptability, and it is used to increase the mass of back muscles.

Like most exercises, this also offers different variations depending on the ultimate goal, requiring little adjustment other than changing the type of handle used.

Further down, Leg Presses obtained 17,000 average monthly searches, placing the exercise in fourth place.

Designed to develop the quadriceps, other benefits can be observed in the gluteus maximus, hamstrings, and calves, and to modify the targeted muscles there are only little adjustments to be made. This exercise also requires a specific machine to be completed.

The top five closes with squats with 15,000 average monthly searches. As the first exercise in the list that can be completed without a machine and comfortably at home, squats target mainly the glutes and inner thigh muscles.

RankExerciseAverage searches
1Bench press31,000
2Romanian Deadlift29,000
3Lat Pulldown18,000
4Leg Press17,000
6Barbell Row13,000
7Overhead press12,000
9Front Squat6,000
10Hammer Curl5,600

A spokesperson for commented on the findings: “Keeping your body in shape is not just about staying healthy, it’s also scientifically proven that exercising releases endorphins, the hormone of happiness.

“It is interesting and encouraging to see a large number of Brits who flock to the internet every month interested in learning about new exercises that can help them in their fitness goals. Researching these exercises will ensure they can perform their routine correctly and truly care for their body and mind”.

This research was conducted by which is founded on the belief that sport, health, fitness and nutrition are for everyone – no matter who you are, what you do, or how you do it.