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Embrace Mindful Movement and Elevate Your Wellbeing Journey With Yoga, Mindfulness & Pilates

Veronique Evolve Wellness

Veronique, the pioneering founder of online Pilates and Yoga company, Evolve Wellness, has embarked on a transformative mission to reshape the wellness and fitness industry.

With roots tracing back to the sunny climate of South Africa, Veronique’s love for Pilates was nurtured during her early career in Rhythmic Gymnastics and Dance.

Evolve Wellness founder Veronique

Drawing on over 7 years of industry experience, Veronique’s vibrant Pilates approach aims to embolden individuals, leaving them feeling empowered and energised after each session.

The pandemic prompted Veronique to adapt swiftly, transitioning her classes online to make movement and mindfulness accessible to a wider audience.

In response, she launched the Evolve community platform, a haven for individuals seeking connection, movement, and mindful living.

Veronique’s mission is to foster a supportive environment that empowers individuals to cultivate sustainable habits for holistic well-being.

“Each of our classes at Evolve Wellness is meticulously designed to enhance overall well-being, empowering participants to not only move better but live better,” says Veronique.

“Our focus is on low-impact, high-repetition movements that leave you feeling strong, energised, and empowered.”

Evolve Wellness offers an array of bespoke fitness and wellness classes, ranging from Pilates and Yoga to mental health training videos and hypnotherapy audios.

Their subscription options, Evolve On Demand and Evolve Premium, provide access to over 250+ classes, with new content added weekly, curated workout planners, challenges, and live online sessions.

Evolve Wellness can also provide you with private training, online or in their London studio, and Veronique is excited to announce her co-hosting of a Pilates and Yoga wellness retreat in the idyllic setting of the Algarve, Portugal, taking place from May 24th to May 28th, 2024.

Set against the backdrop of this serene destination, participants will embark on a transformative journey, disconnecting from the hustle and bustle of daily life to reconnect with themselves through a harmonious blend of movement and mindfulness practices.

Evolve Wellness founder Veronique

The retreat’s mission is to provide a sanctuary for self-discovery and growth, offering invigorating and restorative classes designed to nurture physical, mental, and spiritual well-being.

Attendees will have the opportunity to align with the seasonal energy shift as they transition into summer, while also enjoying ample chill time and nourishing meals sourced from the surrounding land, fostering connection within the vibrant community.

Explore a variety of personalised fitness and wellness classes, from rejuvenating Pilates and Yoga to empowering mental health training videos over at Evolve Wellness.