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Mindfulness Practice Energyrise By Maude Hirst

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Meditation and Yoga teacher Maude Hirst has announced the launch of her bespoke mindfulness business, EnergyRise, offering personalised online yoga, meditation, movement meditation and theta healing.

Maude is committed to making mindfulness accessible to all, working with individuals to discover the practice that works best for them, facilitating sessions through online meditation and yoga courses, live online classes, retreats, events and a limited number of VIP online one-to-one sessions.

“We are all unique and tapping into our individuality is where our power lies. I created EnergyRise for my clients to discover themselves on a deeper level. It’s only then that you can sculpt your life into what you want it to be,” Maude says.

Maude felt the power of mindfulness after a traumatic personal experience led her on an extraordinary discovery of healing two years ago.

Instead of fixating on the external world, Maude looked inward and learnt strategies to rebuild her life in a healthy and conscious way.

“Now I’ve experienced these profound changes in my own life, I want others to experience them too. So I trained in yoga, meditation, intuitive movement meditation and theta healing to create EnergyRise,” she adds.

Maude has helped to transform the lives of so many of her clients and now aims to take her practice global with her accessible online platform.

EnergyRise sessions are available from 7th October

For more information, visit