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Say Good-Bye To Dark Circles Under Your Eyes

woman sleeps with eyes drawn on arm

Dark circles under your eyes, also called tear trough deformity, are really a thing of the past. Thanks to modern techniques of aesthetic medicine, it’s no secret anymore to look fresher and livelier instead of tired and worn.

But what, you might ask, is the proper and safe procedure to achieve this, who would you go to and what should be the cost for such a therapy against dark circles?

You will find the answers here.

First and foremost, it is important to know how the procedure is done. In contrast to common tips and tricks which really only affect the skin under your eyes superficially, this technique involves augmenting the deeper tissue – which is exactly where the problem of dark circles lies.

Using natural hyaluronic acid and the “invisible cannula technique”, the sunken areas are elevated and the lost tissue replaced with filler. This allows the light to reflect differently off your skin, removing the dark circles often completely.

It’s a delicate procedure that involves a lot of experience and skill, in order to place the filler at exactly the correct place, knows Dr Altintas. He is a Specialist for Aesthetic and Plastic Surgery and an expert in this field.

What is important in a procedure to correct dark circles under your eyes?

While cost and downtime are important in the consideration to undergo such a procedure, it’s also important not to underestimate the delicacy of such a procedure. In the right hands, the results can be spectacular and really improve your looks.

In an ideal case scenario, you will be asked about your holidays or that you looked more relaxed and refreshed – a natural and effective therapy.

Looking for a cheap and quick fix can however often result in a “black eye” or substantial swelling. Worst-case scenario, it can even affect the health of your eyes. Therefore, it’s more important not to only look at the cost, but to seek a safe and effective therapist, explains the expert.

If you are looking for a safe treatment of your dark circles under the eyes, you should look for a Specialist for Aesthetic and Plastic Surgery. This will increase your chances to look fresher, younger and more rejuvenated.

These details are important for treating your tear trough dark circles:

Using hyaluronic acid fillers under your eyes is not the same as using this substance in other areas: Since the skin around your eyes is very thin, with a delicate blood circulation, the correct placement with a special cannula and technique gives you the safest results.

If this is not adhered to, a wrong therapy can lead to severe swelling and long-term scarring, which is very difficult to treat. Choosing the correct hyaluronic acid, the suitable concentration, and correct “invisible” cannula, will lead to the results you and your practitioner desires, explains Dr Altintas.

Choosing a Specialist for Plastic and Aesthetic Surgery with experience in this field will enhance your chance of getting beautiful results, which can last for many months – even up to a year and more.

Finding a doctor who you can trust will allow you to have a good experience every time, a relationship that will allow you to age gracefully for years to come.

The positive feedback and compliments that Dr Altintas receives from happy patients are evidence to this.