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The Empowering Dance Class That’s Changing Lives And Cheaper Than Therapy

dancebox's Illana

Forget technique, skill and humility, as this Dance class for everybody, gives you the courage to set fire to your innermost fears and traumas and move in any way that makes you feel good.  

DanceBox was created to bring a fresh and empowering alternative to keeping fit, letting loose and remembering WHO YOU ARE!

For this reason, it is so important to Illana that she holds a  space of acceptance, an all-inclusive, judgement-free zone where everyBODY, everyday humans can come and feel safe to unleash all of themselves onto the dance floor with her and bring the fun, amazing and therapeutic side of dance back into people’s lives.

In her own words, Illana describes the movement as;  ‘A space to feel empowered and like your most authentic selves. It’s more than just dance itself,  it’s soothing, healing, empowering movement.’ 

It’s not just Illana’s vision that is powerful, whether joining online or a live class, DanceBox  welcomes everybody who wants to feel alive and the testimonies speak for themselves; 

‘Dancebox has been one of the biggest influences in my adult life. It hasn’t just helped with my fitness, it has made me more confident, it has improved my mental health which has led to me leaving an unhappy life behind and leaping into a new one with incredible opportunities, and it has brought me the most incredible supportive kind loving friends a girl could ever ask for! My  cup is now full and it’s thanks to Dancebox!’ 

Hannah Reid 

The success of DanceBox has seen Illana booked for motivational speaking at corporate and consumer events across the UK and with attendees citing the experience as ‘the most freeing, fitness focussed affordable therapy on the market’ case studies range from Women finding the courage to leave unhappy marriages to reinstall real-world confidence and fighting post lockdown anxiety. 

With an app set to launch imminently and a live 3-day retreat in France, The DanceBox effect is transforming lives and it’s only the beginning. 

Instagram: @danceboxofficial