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Daily Affirmations and How to Protect Your Energy

Could this be a revolutionary approach to meditating

Everything has energy, from people and plants to objects and memories. It aids in our interaction with the universe, and it can be both positive and negative.

Have you ever felt like someone was watching you and then turned around to realise someone was? This is your energy at work.

Your energy is believed to be your power source. Some think that it can manifest and confirm the change, heal the physical body, and improve your mental well-being.

It is your protection and a spiritual tool, so for some people, protecting your energy is as integral to a healthy lifestyle as caring for your diet or sleep regime.

Here we will explore some of the daily affirmations that you can use to manifest the life you want and ways to protect your energy to benefit from these daily meditations.


Affirmations are the verbal declarations you make throughout the day, willing the universe to work in your favour. These can be either repeated aloud or thoughts.

The most powerful of these are present-tense statements, claiming what you have and who you are rather than wishing for future change. The words we say have power, and so by positively claiming what you want and thanking the universe for it, you can bring it into action.

You can add mindful rituals to these affirmations as part of your daily routine. For example, stirring mugs of tea clockwise is important for accepting change and movement into your life.

On the other hand, anti-clockwise encourages the letting go of negative emotions. Focusing on your connection with the environment while repeating affirmations can draw strength from both your energy and the universe.

Emotional affirmations

Affirmations can either be a daily routine at the beginning or end of your day or as a reaction to situations.

Repeating thoughts or words such as “I am calm” can help draw peaceful energy into your life. It can also help reduce your stress levels during particularly anxiety-inducing situations. “I am loved” can be a daily affirmation to increase your confidence, happiness, and bring about a feeling of support.

Desire affirmations

These affirmations call the universe into action. If you are wanting to manifest specific movements in your love life, career, or financial situations, you may use these affirmations to spur on change. For example, “Money comes to me.”

Equally, “I have all in abundance” can be repeated as a mantra asking for balance and success in all areas of your life.

Grateful affirmations

It is vital to thank the universe for your energy, the energy it gives to you, and the changes you see within your life.

Affirmations such as “I trust the timing of the universe” and “What is meant for me will find me” acknowledge the power of the universe and its influence on your fate and energy. By placing your trust in a greater power, you can reduce your ego and allow your energy to be open to change.

Protecting your energy

However, affirmations only occur when your energy and chakras are in line with one another. As with most things in life, balance is the key to maintaining healthy, clean energy.

Say no

One of the biggest impacts on our energy is the energy of others. Whether these are people who boost your energy, make you feel happy and loved, or drain it through negativity, it is important to have boundaries in place.

Valuing your energy and understanding when you need to conserve it can improve both your physical and mental well-being.

Take accountability for not only the energy you put out but also the energy that you absorb. Strong energy can help elevate your affirmations and manifestations but by being in stressful situations, your spiritual protection and power can be drained.

Use “no” as a preventative measure. Take steps back from anything that is not serving you or your higher self and reserve your energy for when it’s most needed.

Forest bathing

Nature has many healing properties, and this even extends to your spiritual self. Being in nature, connecting, and grounding yourself to the world around you can repair and revive your energy. 

Forest bathing is exploring woodland areas to gain deeper mindfulness. You can practise mindful exploration in any nature-dense setting, it is not necessarily limited to forests.

As we become inundated with more urban areas, it can be difficult to remember our connection to nature. But by allowing yourself time among Mother Earth, you can benefit energetically.

Not only does forest bathing cleanse you of negative energy, as the soil, bark, and grass absorb this, but you can also feed off the positive energy and relaxation nature emits.

Pop a water bottle and your favourite book into your tote bag and head out into nature to enjoy a little quiet time to yourself – forest, beach, or field, you’ll certainly feel refreshed after taking a breather.


Meditation has many powerful uses when it comes to your energy. Not only can you use this time to release negative emotions, but you can also strengthen your existing energy.

By spending some mindful minutes focusing on your physical, psychological, and spiritual state, you become more in tune with how you operate.

You can either meditate while performing your daily repetitive activities, such as washing the pots, or as a separate activity. Spend time to yourself, gathering your thoughts, and allowing these to be washed away.

Focus on the areas of your body which come into contact with your surroundings physically and ground yourself to them. Some people find journaling to be a suitable alternative if you find it difficult to concentrate.

Directing your energy towards itself can both build and repair it. Imagine a protective bubble surrounding you as you nurture your thoughts and emotions.

Equally, imagine each breath in is pure white light and each breath out filters dark smoke – by imagining your energy as something which circulates within you, and that can be filtered, you can manifest energetic healing.

Your energy dictates everything in your life, from your physical health to stress levels, and as such, it is important that it is cared for.

By spending time repairing and supporting your positive energy, you can benefit more from affirmations, react better to situations, and elevate your state of being to your higher self.