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Conscious Life Expo 2021 Coming To London For The First Time Ever

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The annual Conscious Life Expo is coming to London for the very first time. As the event, which is the biggest of its kind in America, celebrates its 19th successful year in Los Angeles, it will also arrive at the London Olympia Hilton from 17th-19th September.

The well-being Conference brings Luminaries and International best-selling authors together over three fun-packed days of speaker workshops, lectures, and panels.

Looking into the transformative practices that are re-shaping our world, this ground-breaking Conference is both Live In-House at the Olympia Hilton, as well as Livestreamed to communities globally.

The 3-day conference will explore questions we all have deep down about bridging science and spirituality. It brings together some of the most respected leading, scientific researchers, futurists, oracle channelers, mystics and well-being multidimensional healers around today.

Attendees will learn how to navigate the new now and unfold their innate subtle body and intuitive abilities to deepen the inter-connection between their soul, the universe, planet earth and the inner and outer dimensional realms of human potential.

Conscious Life Expo

Featured speakers and subjects at the event include:

Parapsychology and Human Potential

With Dr Callum Cooper, Dr Chris Roe and Dr David Vernon.

Manifest Your Soul Purpose

With Fab Giovanetti, Anne Jirsch and Tracey Ash.

Awaken to Your Angels

With Rosalind Moody (Moderator), Katy Sloane, Claire Stone and Daisy Foss.

Slay Your Dragons with Compassion

With Malcolm Stern

Unfolding Your Own Myth

With Wendy Treynor

The Planet is Conscious, Are You? Simulcast from LA

With Michael Bernard Beckwith

Manifest Your Positively Wealth Life

With Emma Mumford 

Ignite Your Angelic Radiance

With Stewart Pearce 

Unlocking Your Quantum Potential

With Theresa Bullard

Healed in an Instant with the Power of Eight

With Lynne McTaggart

How to Catch Your Dreams

With Theresa Cheung

MOONOLOGY: Make Wishes That Work

With Yasmin Boland

Multidimensional Healing with the Ancestors

With Lorraine Flaherty and Alexandra Wenman

Emcee for the event will be Marilyn Devonish

The Conscious Life Expo Conference participates in the conscious co-creation of a new world, a world based on new paradigms in science, in spirituality, in longevity, in local and global community, in relationship, in health and well-being.

Find out more at 

Ticket prices start from £95 and can be purchased here:

If you are unable to make the physical event, you will be able to purchase tickets to the livestreamed simultaneously broadcast London and Los Angeles Conscious Life Expo Event.

To include a total of nearly 70 presenters. Find your Livestream tickets at