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Just Fitness By Bannatyne Broadstairs And Bannatyne Health Club Broadstairs Usher In A New Era Of Fitness In The UK With Collar-Free Barbells

weighlifter using collar free barbell

Just Fitness by Bannatyne Broadstairs and the Bannatyne Health Club in Broadstairs, have set a new standard in the UK fitness industry by becoming the first health clubs to offer only completely collar-free barbells.

They have introduced the award-winning Gungnir bars, equipped with the innovative SlideLock collars built directly into the bars, enhancing safety, ease of use, and providing an efficient locking mechanism. The gyms are one of the first Gungnir-certified collar-free gyms in the world.

Originating from Norway, Gungnir embarked on a mission in 2018 to provide a better solution to a ubiquitous problem encountered by weightlifting enthusiasts: the inconvenience and inefficiency of external clips and collars.

Taking inspiration from Norse mythology, the company is named after “Gungnir” (pronounced “GUNG-neer”), the legendary spear wielded by the god Odin.

This landmark transition was facilitated by Indigo Fitness, who collaborated closely with the Bannatyne Group, culminating in the establishment of the newly-opened Just Fitness by Bannatyne in Broadstairs, boasting a sprawling 20,000 sq.ft gym floor.

Duncan Bannatyne, chairman and chief executive of the Bannatyne Group, expressed his enthusiasm: “By integrating the Gungnir bars and their built-in collar technology, we are not only embracing innovation but also taking a giant leap in elevating the overall member experience.

This initiative reflects our unwavering commitment to provide our members in Broadstairs with the best and most progressive fitness solutions.”