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Why Is Cold Yoga Is Becoming The Next Exercise Craze?

Yoga on mountain in winter

Yoga is known to be the oldest and yet most effective and helpful fitness workout yet. It is low impact workout that helps in focusing on muscle flexibility and muscle strength.

The goal is to build good progressive workouts that help in improving the strength of the muscles and eventually you will notice that the body is working effectively. 

Experts believe that yoga is the oldest fitness tradition that is so simple yet so effective that most of us feel the impact with just a few sessions.

Traditionally yoga is held at a place of warm yet balmy temperature. However, very recently people have started to experiment with yoga arrangements by conducting it at different temperatures. 

Different combinations and different settles. A very recently common yoga style was hot yoga. This was an Indian combination of yoga with a basic arrangement of 12 to 14 yoga poses.

This yoga was held in a warm balmy room where all the people involved would sweat profoundly. Eventually, this yoga became so popular that people started to ditch the traditional yoga style and work on hot yoga.

A very recent craze in the winter seasons is cold yoga just like hot yoga, cold yoga is conducted in a colder place. Ideally, the workout place is kept cold with artificial means because this offers a much better-controlled environment and in case someone wants to exist in the place, they easily do that as well. 

However, now there are yoga Hubs that will take people to colder places just to practice yoga. Most of the colder places either have snow or the extreme weather is so uncontrollable that people feel they will not survive. 

However, since yoga is low impact workout it will eventually bring up the body temperature by burning extra fat. This is the reason within just a few minutes you will stop feeling extreme cold that would otherwise make you shiver.

With the help of this article, we will look at some of the main reasons old yoga works. We will also know what is the science behind cold yoga and why it safe for the human body.

Why Cold Yoga Is Effective?

in normal yoga, style body is struggling hard to just burn up enough calories to fuel the body movement, things change in the case of cold yoga; within cold yoga, the focus is more on burning the calories for fueling the body movement and also for marinating a good body temperature. 

So technically you will be burning much more after and calories and the expenditure of the fat as a currency of workout will also be much more than usual. This was proved by a recent study by Harvard health where they estimated that people sleeping in colder regions can burn much more calories as compared to people sleeping in hot environments or relatively warm places. 

While focusing on cold yoga, the focus level also increases because you are much more concerned about the way you precisely follow the instruction and then complete the class. This is the reason cold drills are pretty common in military training.

Hot Yoga or Cold Yoga – Which One Is Better?

In the case of yoga, it doesn’t come down to eth weather but how precisely you work out. Most people never polish their technical pose, eventually, this makes it very challenging for them to function and make the most out of their yoga practice. 

This also plays a very important role in the progress of yoga and flexibility. However, if we compare the calorie burn-out rate, we fall on nearly equal levels however cold yoga has a much higher rate because it is making sure the body is fully insulated and the organs are protected properly. 

For a good workout, you also need to keep in mind that your angle of movement and your movement patterns are important for burning up more calories.

With just a few calories burned out, the progress ratio of the workout will be slower on the contrary if you focus on the technique you will see the progress accordingly.

Is It Safe?

Most people think that manipulating the temperature will intently make something unsafe. This is the reason you will see people second-guessing hot yoga as well. However, experts believe that since most people are doing it under controlled weather conditions there is no way this can be harmful. 

However, it is better to keep you enough warm so that it doesn’t make you feel sick or you do not feel that it is impacting your body. The goal here is to focus on staying cold rather than relying on the clothing layers.

In case you end up wearing too many clothing layers you will eventually start to feel warm and this will reduce the impact of cold yoga on the body. 

So, in case you are just sceptical about the safety, you can easily use help from the professional as they try to keep the temperature at a tolerant level so you can generate more heat but also avoid getting into shock due to hypothermia.

To sum it all up, it all comes down to the way you execute the yoga plan. In case you are doing it all alone, there is a high chance that you will give up.

It is much better to take help from a professional who can walk you through the whole process so you do not feel left demotivated. 

Also with more people, it gets easier to follow. The best thing about cold yoga is that it increases the precision and the technical command over the situation. You will eventually notice that you can handle the workout in a much better way. 

Even if you have never tried cold yoga before, it is better to try it in winders and see its impact on your body. Since the results will be promising there is a high chance that you will get connected with professionals as well.