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The Ultimate Calorie Burning Home Workout

woman doing lunges scaled

For many of us, food and drink consumption has gone through the roof over the last few months. And although lots of us are actually doing more exercise than normal, you are not alone if your waistline still seems to have expanded.

“Calorie-talk gets a bad rap, but calories (both going in and out) play a huge role in our weight, whether we like it or not,” says fitness expert Laura Williams.

The thing to avoid is getting obsessive about the numbers, she continues. “Know that exercise burns calories, and that the food you eat contains them, but after that, it’s down to big specifics like your body composition, so it’s pointless getting too hung up on the actual numbers.”

Instead, she suggests focusing on efficient ways of exercising, if you’re looking to make the most of the weight management side of fitness.
“Intensity and duration play the biggest part.

To capitalise on the calorie-burning effects of exercise, ensure that what you’re doing gets you out of breath. At the same time, you need to strengthen your muscles so your body increases its percentage of muscle tissue, which burns more calories, even at rest.”

Williams has created this short workout routine that’s low-maintenance (no kit required) that you can do indoors or outside. And the exercises will burn calories and increase muscle strength.

And the best bit? There’s not a burpee in sight. “I think people are a bit burpee’d out,” says Williams. “I’ve tried to add intensity with lower impact jumps, a multi-directional lunge and a light hop here and there instead.”

The Ultimate Calorie Burning Home Workout

Do this four times a week and you could burn hundreds of calories during and after.

The moves explained…

Move 1: Speedy alternating lunge

(Laura Williams/PA)

From a standing position, hop forward lightly and lower your body to the ground, driving the arms at the same time. Repeat for one minute.

Move 2: Hopping leg-sweep plank

(Laura Williams/PA)

From a push-up position with your weight on palms and balls of feet, sweep your leg out to the side, and back in again, before quickly changing to the other leg. Do a total of 30 sweeps.

Move 3: Plank with alternating knee-tuck

(Laura Williams/PA)

With weight positioned on your hands and balls of feet, drive your knee to same-side elbow, then back out. Change sides. Repeat for 30 seconds, rest and repeat.

Move 4: Side-to-reverse lunge

(Laura Williams/PA)

Step to the side lowering your body to the floor before stepping straight back behind you and lowering body to the floor once more. Do 15 reps on each leg.

Move 5: Side-to-side legs

(Laura Williams/PA)

Keeping your back flat on your mat, lower your legs to the side at hip-height. Change sides, and use your hands for support if you need to. Do a total of 12 lowers.

Move 6: Arm-pulse plank

(Laura Williams/PA)

With weight on the balls of your feet and palms, extend your arm to the side and pulse up and down for a count of three. Switch sides. Do a total of eight reps.

Move 7: Arm-sweep squat

(Laura Williams/PA)

From a standing position, jump feet apart and lower body to the ground, sweeping arms by sides. Jump back up to standing and repeat. Do 20 squats.

Move 8: Seated ab crunch

(Laura Williams/PA)

From a seated position, extend your legs out in front of you, and elbows out to the sides. Bend legs and arms and return to the centre, then repeat. Do a total of 20 crunches.