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A Boxing Day Boxercise Workout To Help You Burn Off Your Christmas Dinner

bxr boxing london

Succulent turkey, mountains of roasties, piles of veg and lashings of gravy over the lot of it… there’s no doubt about it, Christmas is our favourite time of year when it comes to food.

The problem is, if you’re trying to stay in shape over the season, all that festive grub can easily make you feel bloated and sluggish –  and it might take more than a Boxing Day walk to burn off the damage.

If you want to truly crunch December’s calories away, boxing is a pretty brilliant workout to try. It can aid fat loss, build lean muscle and all that jabbing and crossing is a great stress relief after the challenges of Christmas shopping.

Fancy giving it a go? We asked Gary Logan, head of boxing at BXR London to walk us through a boxing workout that anyone can do from the comfort of their living room…