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Boost Your Jump Rope Workout: Tips, Benefits, and a 10-Minute HIIT Routine

woman skipping

Looking to maximize your home workouts without breaking the bank or taking up much space? The jump rope is the perfect solution, offering an affordable and convenient piece of equipment that delivers maximum impact.

And guess what? After its surge in popularity during the ’90s, skipping is making a comeback in 2022!

With a 22% increase in worldwide interest in skipping during the first quarter of 2022, it’s clear that the TikTok phenomenon has played a significant role.

TikTok creators like @jumpropejimmy, with nearly a quarter-million followers, have propelled skipping back into the limelight, with #jumpropeworkout amassing a staggering 81.5 million views.

If you’re eager to incorporate jump rope workouts into your fitness regimen but don’t know where to start, fear not! UK gym chain PureGym has your back with expert tips and a 10-minute skipping-focused HIIT workout:

Top Tips for Getting Started:

  1. Choose a Weighted Rope: Opt for a weighted jump rope for better coordination, form, and control during your workouts.
  2. Choose the Right Length Rope: Follow a sizing chart based on your height to ensure you get the most out of each jump.
  3. Maintain Your Form: Keep your arms symmetrical, hands equidistant from your body’s center, and focus on wrist movement.
  4. Protect Your Joints: Bend your legs slightly upon landing to minimize stress on your ankles and knees.
  5. Have Fun! Embrace the nostalgia and enjoy this new addition to your workout routine while maintaining proper form and using suitable equipment.

And according to PureGym Personal Trainer Suzy Quinn, skipping offers numerous benefits, including calorie burning, cardiovascular training, full-body engagement, improved coordination, and enhanced focus.

Wondering about the frequency of skipping sessions? For beginners, starting with 2-3 sessions per week, each lasting 15-20 minutes, is recommended. As you progress, feel free to increase the number of sessions and even replace a cardio day with skipping for a more efficient calorie burn.

Ready to try the 10-minute HIIT workout? Complete two rounds of 30 seconds of work and 15 seconds of rest for each exercise, with a 60-second break between rounds:

How often should you skip?

“If you’re new to skipping, a good place to start is 2-3 times a week for around 15-20 minutes. As you start to adjust, you can always add a couple more sessions into your workout routine.

Skipping can even replace one of your usual cardio days as it’s a very effective way to burn the equivalent number of calories in a shorter space of time.”

10 min HIIT workout

Complete 2 rounds

  1. Standard Jumps: Maintain proper form, jump with straight legs, and use your wrists to rotate the rope.
  2. Single Leg Jump (Left): Tuck one leg up and jump using only your left leg, focusing on posture and symmetrical arm movement.
  3. Single Leg Jump (Right): Similar to the previous exercise, but now jump using only your right leg while maintaining form.
  4. Butt Kicks: Kick the backs of your thighs alternately as you rotate the rope, keeping your knees in the same position.
  5. High Knees: Bring your knees as high as possible toward your chest while rotating the rope, maintaining form and upper body posture.
  6. Backwards Standard Jump: Jump with an upright body position, rotating the wrists backward as the rope comes up and over your head from in front.

By implementing these tips and incorporating the provided HIIT routine, you can take your jump rope workouts to the next level and achieve impressive fitness results.

Let the jump rope revolutionize your fitness journey!