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10 Best Full Body Exercises For A Busy Schedule

Strong Athletic Man Does Shirtless Workout at Home Gym, Doing Push Ups. Lean Fit Muscular Mixed Race Sportsman Staying Healthy, Training at Home. Sweat and Determination lead to Success

There’s no denying that the lead-up to Christmas and the New Year is a very busy time and leaves little for exercising,

In a bid to help you stay fit from the comfort of your home in whatever time you have, below are 10 exercises you can tailor to work for you. 


1. B-Stance Hip Thrusts can be done with or without weights, and requires nothing but a sturdy raised surface. A lower-back friendly exercise, B-Stance hip thrusts are suitable for all levels of exercise.  

Simply sit on the floor with your back against a sturdy bench/chair while keeping one leg bent and the foot flat on the floor, while the other remains straight resting the heel on the floor.

Drive the flat foot into the ground focusing on the heel to push the body up and parallel with the floor, then lower bottom to the floor slowly and repeat for desired number of reps. A typical number, for any exercise, is three sets of 12, but this can be adjusted to a person’s ability or time schedule.  

2. Single-leg Romanian Deadlifts work mainly the glutes and hamstrings, but also work on the hip abductors and adductors. An exercise that is easy on the lower back and knee, this exercise also improves strength, balance, and mobility, and can be done with or without weights.

Standing with feet together, hinge forward at the hips and raise one leg behind you until your body is parallel with the floor, before lowering the leg back and raising your torso back up taking care not to round the back.

Repeat for as many reps as desired, then do the same for the other side. 

Shoulder and Biceps 

3. Using bodyweight, pike push-ups are a great exercise to strengthen and build the shoulder muscle, the deltoid. 

Standing in down dog but with tip toes, bend your arms at the elbow while keeping the back straight. Ensure you bend your arms outwards rather than keeping the elbows tucked to your sides. 

4. Dumbbell lateral raises are often done using weights, but the can be swapped out for alternatives like water bottles for example. Because of the nature of the exercise heavy weights aren’t required; the number of reps will make the main difference.

Holding your weight or alternative in each hand, extend arms out to your sides. Bracing abs and holding shoulders back, bend your arms at the elbow slightly before hinging them down at the shoulders about halfway.

Lift them back up to parallel and then lower all the way down to sides. And repeat. 

Abdominals and sides 

5. Windshield Wipers are tough and targets the obliques; the side muscles. The exercise changes in difficulty depending on the position of the legs so can be altered according to level.

Lay on your back with arms outstretched but with legs straight and facing up. Lower legs over to one side keeping them together and lowering them as close to the floor as possible without lifting your shoulders or back off the floor. Return legs to centre and do the same on the other side.

Do as many of these as you can. 

6. Reverse crunches work the lower section of your abdomen. No weights are required for this exercise making it a great at-home ab exercise.

This exercise involves laying on your back with legs bent and arms flat on the floor, lifting the hips towards the sternum using abs with little to no assistance from the arms on either side. 


7. Squat jumps work every muscle in the legs. It’s also a fat-burning and cardio exercise. It can be done with or without weights, but due to its explosive nature, it’s encouraged that supportive, cushioned shoes are worn to protect the feet, ankles and knees on impact.

Begin in a wide squat position then jump as high as possible with straight legs, keeping the quads and glutes contracted, and using arms for momentum. Land lightly on slightly bent knees to absorb the shock.

Do as many as possible, imagining the floor is hot to make the most of the exercise. 

8. An effective bodyweight-only exercise, walking lunges work the quads, hamstrings, and glutes. High reps can outweigh the lack of weight. Standing with feet together, keep hands on hips while and take a large step forward.

Step forward and do the same with the other leg and repeat until the intended number has been reached. 


9. Skydivers require no equipment at all apart from a mat. Using bodyweight, this exercise is great for posture and to counteract the effects of long periods of sitting. This exercise is most effective when the position is held for a few seconds, and slowly released before going back into it again.

Simply lay on your front with legs straight and palms on the floor on either side of your head. Lift your legs, head, chest, and arms off the floor while sliding your shoulders back and down.

Hold the position for a few seconds before lowering down slowly, and then repeat. 

10. No space for a rowing machine at home can be countered by doing seated resistance band rows instead. A resistance band can be used to replicate most bodyweight and machine exercises.

Using a resistance band looped around the feet is a great alternative to cable seated rows, and also much better for storage. Sit down and pull the band back keeping shoulders away from ears and arms tucked by your sides.

Keep abs contracted, and repeat reps as required. 

Commenting on the findings, a Fitness Volt spokesperson said: “The great thing about these exercises is that you can stay on top of your health and fitness with little to no cost, and from any place at any time.

“The exercises work together to ensure a full body workout, but each can be done in isolation and amended according to the person doing them – they’re effective whether you’re a seasoned exerciser, or just starting out on a fitness journey.”