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Top 4 Vegan Protein Powders in the UK 2023: Boost Your Fitness and Nutrition

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With the rising popularity of veganism, finding adequate protein sources is a common concern among those new to plant-based diets.

However, achieving your protein needs is simple with a well-planned vegan diet that includes plant-based options like tofu, beans, lentils, seeds, and spinach.

To ensure optimal protein intake, especially during lockdown fitness routines, incorporating a protein powder into your daily regimen can be beneficial.

Here, I present to you a selection of the best vegan protein powders that will seamlessly blend into your smoothies for optimal nutrition.

  1. Form Nutrition Performance Powder: Smooth and Delicious

Form Nutrition Performance Powder sets itself apart from the chalky and unpalatable protein powders. Crafted with brown rice and hemp protein, it provides a generous 30g of protein per serving.

This protein powder is enriched with curcumin, an anti-inflammatory compound found in turmeric, and BCAAs, known for promoting muscle growth and reducing exercise fatigue.

With its delightful vanilla flavour, it complements oat milk, bananas, and peanut butter perfectly. It also offers a tantalizing Tiramisu flavor option.

form powder

Vanilla flavour, £26 for 520g (

  1. Innermost Health Protein

For a delicious chocolatey treat, Innermost Health Protein is an ideal choice. Designed for post-workout consumption, it replenishes your protein levels within 45 minutes after exercise.

Its sweet flavour makes it a versatile ingredient for baking, including cake recipes and chilled protein balls. The blend of pea protein and brown rice protein ensures you receive all nine essential amino acids, making it a complete protein source.

Moreover, Innermost incorporates adaptogenic ingredients like shiitake, maitake, reishi, and cordyceps mushrooms, renowned for their stress-fighting properties.

Innermost Powder

Chocolate flavour, £29.95 for 600g (

  1. Bulk Vegan Protein Powder

Bulk Vegan Protein Powder boasts a smooth and silky texture while delivering 23 grams of protein per serving. This blend utilizes pea protein, brown rice protein, pumpkin protein, flaxseed powder, and quinoa flour.

With its unflavored profile, it easily integrates into various recipes, from pancakes and porridge to overnight oats and protein shakes packed with wholesome veggies.

Free from soya, dairy, gluten, and additives, it suits individuals with diverse dietary requirements.

Bulk Powder

Unflavoured, £14.99 for 500g (

  1. No1 Irish Pure Vegan Plant Protein

No1 Irish Pure Vegan Plant Protein packs an impressive 24.4 grams of protein per scoop. Combining pea, pumpkin, and hemp protein, this powder also offers a noteworthy 32% of your daily recommended intake of B12—a vital nutrient usually found in animal products. B12 aids in regulating the nervous system and DNA synthesis.

Despite its salted caramel flavour, it contains less than a gram of sugar per serving, satisfying your sweet cravings without the energy crashes.

Experience the delightful salted caramel taste for optimal nutrition.

Nourish powder

Salted Caramel, £24.99 for 525g (