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Barrecore Welcomes New ‘City’ Studio


Barrecore, one of the UK’s original and finest barre studios is announcing the launch of its latest site.

Opening its doors in the City of London, St Mary Axe, the new addition will join its thriving, loved community and provide an ideal location for loyal members, as well as new. 

As its 14th studio in the UK, and tenth in London, the new site will comprise of two beautifully designed studios, one with a capacity of 18 and the second holding 15.

Offering the renowned Barrecore Method – a unique high-intensity, low-impact, full-body ‘intelligent exercise’ approach that integrates the fat-burning format of interval training (exhausting each major muscle group) with static stretches to lengthen and lean out muscles.

This combination effectively, efficiently and safely reshapes and tones the entire body, with results noticeable after just a few weeks. 

Creating an all-encompassing client experience, the studio will offer clothing to purchase from Girlfriend Collective and Natural Grace.

Guests can also take advantage of the serene changing room amenities including; showering facilities, hairdryers and straighteners, and Cowshed products for the ultimate post-sweat glow-up. 

The introduction of the 2700 sq ft studio supports Barrecore’s contribution to United Fitness Brands (UFB), a fitness supergroup that launched in January this year and acquired two additional boutique brands and pioneers within the fitness industry; Boom Cycle and KOBOX.

Bringing three of London’s most premium fitness offerings together will help UFBs wider ambition of accelerating its growth and scale both nationally and internationally, while instigating an industry-defining movement. 

“We’re super excited to launch this new studio and also bring the Barrecore brand back to the City and back to our loyal community in this area. This launch marks the third of many from the UFB brand and we can’t wait to open the doors to the 10th Barrecore studio in London!!” 

UFB’s co-founder Hilary Rowland

Proven to sculpt the body safely and noticeably in just a few weeks, Barrecore’s classes contain elements of ballet, pilates and yoga and are as challenging and rewarding as a HIIT, bootcamp or vigorous spin session.

Barrecore’s method combines high intensity but low impact training (HILIT) and focuses on intelligent movements designed to ’shake’ the muscles, improving overall body strength while transforming physique.

The workout is suitable for all fitness levels and can be practiced by individuals of all ages, as well as those pre and post-natal. 

In addition to hosting a bustling schedule of live classes across their 14 UK studios, located in London, Bristol and Manchester, Barrecore also offers two online workout options.

Whether looking to continue practice at home or to enjoy a variety of experiences, individuals can stream live classes or complete a number of on-demand at-home videos.