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Boost Running Efficiency And Help Prevent Long Term Injury With Running Fundamentals From Barefoot Vivobarefoot Courses

instructor runs Vivobarefoot Courses

Vivobarefoot has introduced a host of new transformative online courses via VIVOHEALTH, their education platform. This includes Running Fundamentals, a new running-specific training course that provides the tools needed to dramatically strengthen feet and improve technique.

Created for all abilities, the course allows users to boost efficiency, stability and range of movement whilst also preventing long-term injury. Above all, learning to run naturally provides runners a feeling of greater connection to both our bodies and the planet. 

In taking the first steps into natural movement, users will join a global community of health professionals and athletes already reaping the benefits of improved foot strength, technique and stability; sales of Vivobarefoot styles continue to grow with close to 800k units already sold in 2022.

Vivo’s growing community includes a range of fitness professionals including, Running Fundamentals coach, Dex Moore, Dr Rangan Chatterjee, cross-fit trainer, Obi Vincent and Functional Podiatrist, Rina Harris to name a few.

Obi Vincent commented, “Foot strength is so often overlooked in people’s training routines. We forget that our feet, just like every body part have muscles that can be trained to become stronger, and so many injuries can be avoided by building strength properly. I wear my Vivo’s daily for outdoor walks and notice an improvement even in general tasks, such as climbing stairs.”

Rina Harris commented,”Not only has Vivo footwear and the VIVOHEALTH platform helped my injuries but it has also made my feet stronger and more mobile.

On top of that, wearing Vivo’s has helped my general movement health, from better foot awareness and balance to hip mobility and improved walking gait pattern.

All of this has meant that I can lead a better quality of life, exercise and move more with good form but without pain and discomfort.”

Running Fundamentals is just one of the many courses available via the VIVOHEALTH service providing the tools needed to reconnect with our body and our planet whilst moving away from the sedentary lifestyles many of us have become accustomed to.

Courses, content and experiences cover all levels of expertise ranging from a fundamentals course in the basics of adapting to barefoot movement through to advanced training courses for health professionals and coaches.

VIVOHEALTH also provides the tools required to maximise the mental health benefits of a natural lifestyle. Modern, conventional footwear dramatically reduces the flow of information to the brain limiting important physical factors such as balance and spatial awareness.

By ensuring our brains are properly stimulated, those accessing the VIVOHEALTH service will enjoy the benefits of improved cognitive function and mental well-being.

VIVOHEALTHalso includes the brand’s free assessment tool – a free-to-use service that makes recommendations on the best path to barefoot living based on routines, and lifestyle habits.

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