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Bannatyne Health Clubs Launch New Healthy Eating Programme

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The Bannatyne Group has launched a new programme across its health clubs to help people develop healthy eating habits as well as improve their physical fitness.

FuelSmart is a simple weight management strategy focusing on creating the right balance between the food that is consumed and the energy used when working out.

The aim is to assist people to make positive changes to how they eat and exercise in just six weeks, enabling them to form good habits that should last a lifetime.

Members who sign up will have direct support and guidance from a coach every week, with educational seminars on important nutritional topics alongside a fun group exercise class.

FuelSmart will help people make considered choices with their food intake and shine some light on the often-confusing world of weight management.

The programme will help develop an understanding of ‘energy balance’ through managing calorie intake and expenditure, whilst also demonstrating how these impact on weight loss and healthy gains.

Oliver Cox, Bannatyne Group’s head of fitness programming, said: “Approaching weight loss or muscle gain can be somewhat bewildering for a lot of individuals who pursue this by themselves.

But there are some very simple methods that, when introduced appropriately, can help create an understanding of exactly how to manage body weight, in a sustainable way.

“Our aim with this programme is to empower people with these techniques for managing calorie intake alongside fun, functional workouts that encourage calorie expenditure.

“All of this is combined with the strong sense of community that can be found amongst the like-minded participants on every course.

“We’re in no doubt that FuelSmart will further enhance our mission to deliver a holistic health, wellbeing and lifestyle approach to our members as well as further improving the offering at our health clubs.”

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