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Bannatyne Group Invests In Technology To Offer Members Covid Safe Services

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The Bannatyne Group is investing in its app technology to support members as clubs re-open following the second lockdown.

A new ‘check the swipes’ function will enable members to see how many people are in the club and decide if they wish to visit or wait for a quieter time.

Food from the café bars will also be available to pre-order, for sit in or take-away depending on the tier the site is located in.

A complimentary range of digital magazines including market leading titles such as Sustain Health, Vogue, Hello, Top Gear and House Beautiful, which can be read on a smartphone or on the interactive cardio equipment, is shortly being offered to replace the hard copy publications that were withdrawn as part of the Covid safety precautions.

Les Mills and internal Bannatyne classes are being introduced ‘on demand’, to go alongside the scheduled online classes being offered.

Ken Campling, chief financial officer, said: “Ever since the start of this very challenging time, we have developed different options for our members to maintain their health and wellbeing, even when the clubs were closed.

“This is something we are determined to continue and our Les Mills and Bannatyne classes will be on demand, so they will be available 24 hours a day to fit in with busy lifestyles.

The digital magazines are another example of our clubs giving members a little bit extra, enhancing their membership in a Covid safe way.

“Some members have felt a little bit nervous about coming back to the club, even though we have robust protocols in place, so we have added to our app the ability to check how many other members have swiped into the club using our interactive wrist bands. This allows then to make an informed decision and choose a less busy time if they prefer.

“Investing in our app, and the 360 wristbands, has allowed us to be innovative and forward-thinking, ensuring the member experience is always at the forefront of our thinking.”