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Back To Fitness: How To Make The Most Of Your Post-summer Fitness Routine

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The best of summertime has been and gone; the holiday season is dying down, kids are heading back to school and that all famous British baking show is due back on our screens.

During summer holidays we all like to over-indulge on ice cream and holiday treats rather than doing our 10,000 steps a day, meaning it’s time to slip back into a fitness routine.

Whilst it is one of the busiest times for people getting back into fitness, many of us go back to doing the same thing, leaving us unlikely to keep it up.

Studies have proven that introducing variety to how we exercise has a huge impact on how likely we are to stay active. Statistics from MoveGB, the nation’s no.1 multi-fitness membership, show we are twice as likely to maintain an active lifestyle if we incorporate a variety of fitness activities overdoing a single form of exercise.

According to MoveGB, there are a host of ways we can spice up our routine to not just motivate us to get back on the bandwagon – but to stay there.

We’ve pulled together some top tips to help you get back to fitness this September.

1. Try something different

More often than not, when we think of fitness routines we return back to the gym, doing the same exercises we once worked on. A boring workout breeds a lack of motivation.

Not only can this make exercise feel less enjoyable, it’s important to mix up your style of workout to prevent your body from getting used to the same muscles being worked. Variety keeps your body on its toes!

2. Make your fitness routine work around YOU

Sticking to a routine can sometimes limit how often we exercise. Life can throw many unexpected things, from delayed trains to a meeting that has overrun, so it’s important to introduce flexibility to where and how we work out to avoid us missing out. Fitness should be part of your lifestyle, not a chore bound by limitations.

3. Introduce variety

Whilst it’s great to mix up your method of workout, perhaps through cardio one day and weight training the other, but it’s also good to get into more than one fitness activity.

This could be introducing a weekly dance class or trying something new like climbing on a weekend.

By bringing in variety, we can enjoy an active lifestyle without things feeling repetitive.

4. Be in the know with what’s available where you live or work

It’s almost too easy to restrict ourselves to one venue or activity, simply because it’s around the corner.

It’s worth doing that extra bit of research to get in the know with what’s accessible to you to help you make the most of the activities available in your area. You never know, you could be the city’s next best at paddleboard Pilates!

MoveGB offers membership to multiple gyms, studios and classes to help you get the most variety – working out where you want and when you want.

From climbing walls to Latin dance, find out what’s in your town by heading to