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Get The Balance Of Speed And Stability With The ASICS Court FF 2 Model


Get ready to play with the latest release of ASICS Tennis footwear – the COURT FF™ 2 model. Following on from the popular first iteration of the shoe, key technological advancements and additions have been made so that your movement and performance on the court are even more enhanced than ever before and that you stay on top of your game, set and match.

The COURT FF™ 2 tennis shoe, designed in close collaboration with Novak Djokovic, is a technical evolution built to the specifications and needs of the World’s Number 1 tennis player. It’s a flexible shoe with locked-in stability that lets you glide through to victory no matter the conditions.

“ASICS has the best shoe technology, and with the COURT FF™ 2 shoe they have achieved the best of both speed and stability – crucial elements when performing at your best on court,” said Novak Djokovic, ASICS Global Footwear Ambassador and a 15-time Grand Slam winner.

The latest addition to the ASICS Tennis family of footwear features a wider heel part of outsole for increased stability along with a tennis AHARTM outsole rubber and a bigger midfoot bridge for increased flexibility around midfoot area when twisting on court.

This construction makes your tennis motion more efficient. Contact time is 5.6%* shorter than the previous model** of the shoe during turn motion.

The polyurethane on the mesh upper provides the shoe with added stability and durability to serve you better and for a longer duration.

In addition to the launch of the new COURT FF™ 2 model, ASICS also recently released its latest tennis apparel for men and women featuring GEL-COOL™ 2 technology.

The GEL-COOL™ 2 apparel features new horizontal lines in the hexagon shape for higher ventilation function and has an updated formula of materials to provide that you feel better and keep cooler for longer – a full one degree (at 2.8’C***) less and almost at twice the length of the first iteration.

***Based on material test result conducted by material supplier.

The COURT FF™ 2 model as well as GEL-COOL™ 2 apparel is available for both men and women at selected tennis retailers, as well as ASICS Retail Stores.

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