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Active IQ Reveals Sustainability Strategy

female in red fitness clothes in green living room doing yoga

Active IQ, an awarding and end-point assessment organisation has launched its new sustainability strategy called Healthy People, Healthy Planet.

Focusing on nine key themes in accordance with the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals, the company has set out an ambitious plan to become a more sustainable business – financially, operationally, and environmentally – with the goal of becoming a carbon-neutral organisation by 2024.

“Fighting climate change is one of the most urgent challenges for society and we all need to do our bit,” says Jenny Patrickson, Managing Director of Active IQ.

“In 2003, our company began in the active leisure space with the goal to help people live healthier lives. Today, our goal has broadened to help the planet as well as its people.

Our new sustainability strategy transparently shows the current impact our business has on the environment in terms of carbon emissions. Our goal is to make changes to our business model in the coming year and beyond to become a more sustainable operation.”

During 2022, Active IQ undertook a comprehensive analysis of its business operations and the impact it has on the environment. Working with Our Carbon, a company that specialises in helping businesses understand their impact and emissions, Active IQ calculated that they had produced an estimated 207.46 tonnes of CO2e in 2019 and 103.67 tonnes in 2021.

Some key contributors to Active IQ’s emissions included the production and purchase of materials, road, rail and air travel, energy consumption, staff commuting, delivery of physical products and IT and data storage.

“Our next step is to collate our carbon accounts for 2022,” continues Jenny. “This will help us gauge whether our altered business practices are already having an impact.

Next, we are going to reflect on our operations in four specific areas: business travel, our head office in Cambridgeshire, online data storage and stock additions.”

The next stage will be for the company to reduce their emissions where possible and offset any outstanding carbon emissions with certified, environmentally conscious solutions with the goal to be carbon neutral by 2024.

“Active IQ’s approach to carbon responsibility really is a model of best practice,” says Dave Erasmus, Chairman, of Our Carbon.

“It is considered, consistent and clear about making deep cultural change not just lip service to the carbon problem. It has been a privilege for Our Carbon to provide the tools for transparency and accuracy in Active IQ’s first steps in carbon accounting.”

Active IQ intends to publish regular updates throughout the year to show their progress toward the company’s sustainability goals.

To read Active IQ’s full Sustainability Strategy: Health People, Healthy Planet, go to