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5 Ways Technology Can Help You With Your Health


Much has been reported about the ways in which our increasing reliance on technology has been negatively impacting our mental and physical wellbeing

However, at the same time, there can be no disputing the fact that a number of recent technological innovations have provided new products and techniques that can be used to help us improve our general health.

From online services to live streaming fitness classes, Fitbits, and health-promoting apps, there are various ways we can use technology to boost our wellness.

Read on to find out more.

Wearable Tech Provides Regular Health Tracking

While some of us may use our Fitbits purely to try and outdo our friends when it comes to who has done the most steps on any given day, the fact remains that wearable technology such as this can have a profound impact on maintaining our wellbeing. 

Not only do they provide up-to-date information on our state of health, but they can also even send that information to our doctor. This allows us to continually monitor our bodies and make sure that they are functioning as they should. 

Being able to keep track of our data as we exercise also allows us to plan and modify training routines to maximise our exercise time and create a regimen that works well for our body. 

You Can Use Apps To Boost Your Mental Wellbeing

These days, it seems like there is an app for everything. While this can sometimes seem overwhelming or unnecessary when it comes to the realms of healthcare many people derive genuine benefits from using apps on a regular basis. 

Whether by providing helpful tips to improve our nutrition, playing daily guided meditations and relaxation exercises, or analysing our sleep, apps can provide a surprising variety of health-boosting functions. 

In particular, apps are often used as a means of coping with mental health issues such as anxiety and depression. While they cannot replace the services of trained healthcare professionals, they can still provide some form of help with a variety of issues.

These include helping to curb negative thought patterns, teaching us ways to improve our concentration, providing techniques to help tackle suicidal thoughts, and even offering support while dealing with addiction.  

Apps can also provide indirect support for our mental health, by offering a convenient and cost-effective way to help people exercise without having to fork out for an expensive gym membership.

There are a number of apps that provide a wide range of expert-led classes covering everything from running techniques to yoga postures and strength-training workouts.

As well as making us physically stronger, these apps can have a positive knock-on effect on our mental health too, with numerous studies revealing the importance of exercise in maintaining our emotional equilibrium.

Get Your Prescription Medication From An Online Pharmacy

Until recently, if we needed medication we had to make an appointment with a doctor, go to the surgery, discuss our requirements, and then go to the pharmacy to pick up our medication.

Even repeat prescriptions entailed a trip to the pharmacy to deposit the slip of paper with our required dosages, and then another trip a couple of days later to pick them up.

These days, however, technological innovations remove all of that hassle and make gaining access to our essential medications a much more convenient process. 

Combining an online doctor and pharmaceutical service in one, virtual pharmacies such as Oxford Online Pharmacy take care of sending medication requests to our GPs as well as processing the confirmed prescription so we can pick it up. If you would rather have your meds delivered to your door, they can even arrange that too. 

A Bracelet Can Soothe Your Motion Sickness

If you suffer from motion sickness – including sea sickness – then you may want to consider investing in a Reliefband. This digital wristband helps to relieve common motion sickness symptoms such as nausea, retching, and vomiting by sending subtle pulses that are designed to stimulate your vagus nerve.

It can also help pregnant women suffering from morning sickness, people who struggle with everything from anxiety to migraines, and patients undergoing chemotherapy who are experiencing side effects such as nausea. 

Providing relief without any of the side effects of commonly prescribed medications – such as drowsiness – the Reliefband provides a ‘fast-acting’ treatment that you can control yourself. Initially developed for use in hospitals, the FDA-approved band offers different levels of intensity so you can set it to the strength you feel most comfortable using. 

Online Subscriptions Deliver Healthy Food To Your Door

These days, it can be harder than ever to stick to a healthy diet. The abundance of fast food options, as well as cheap sugary treats lining our supermarket shelves, are a source of constant temptation. 

One effective – albeit sometimes rather costly – way to side-step this temptation is by taking advantage of healthy food subscription services that are easily available online.

Various options are on offer, including dedicated vegetarian and vegan subscriptions, and kits designed to help you improve your gains in the gym. 

Once you sign up, bundles of ingredients are delivered to your door on a regular basis, containing everything you need to whip up an assortment of healthy meals to keep you going throughout the week. There is no need to shop, and these services provide you with recipe suggestions to save time and hassle.