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361° Camino WP Hiking Shoe Review

361 europe hiking shoe

The team at 361 Europe are welcoming a brand new trainer to their range – the 361 Camino WP. 

A mid-cut hiking shoe with a waterproof bootie construction, the perfect durable option for tough terrains.

My first impression on taking the 361 Camino shoes out of the box was one of being immediately impressed, the look and durability in the build, modern and stylish but not so much that you don’t want to go out hiking in them!

The problem I have always had with hiking shoes is that the first time out wearing them I am almost guaranteed to get blisters, so I was very intrigued to see whether the moulded heel design would help to stop this from happening, and I am pleased to say it did not disappoint. 

I have worn these hiking trainers all week, daily dog walks, hiking, running, cycling, and training at the gym with no problems at all the grip is fantastic, It hasn’t played up my plantar fasciitis and I had no problems with shin splints, this must be down to its Qu!ckfoam and Quick Spring+ soul which did exactly as advertised to provide excellent durability, cushioning and responsiveness.

I found the fit not to be perfect, the 361 Camino is a wide fit internally, my impression of this was because they guys at 361 expect you to be wearing thick hiking socks with them so they allow a bit of extra room, but in my opinion it’s not needed

These trainers are so comfortable and supportive the use of hiking socks isn’t necessary, but interestingly although there was more room internally than I would have liked it didn’t affect the stability of the trainer or cause rubbing as you may expect.

The 361 Camino comes with an extended eyelet shape lacing system helps to harness the foot securely when experiencing uneven terrains off-road, the best way to describe it is like a locking system which I found very useful when tying up the laces, they grip as you tighten, not instantly releasing back through the eyelets, so you can securely tighten up the shoelaces without fighting to tie them up as quick as you can.

I am not someone who spends hundreds on trainers as they tend to get abused on the roads and in the gym so I get through a pair every 6 months, and although at £134.99 is more than I would normally spend, I think the 361 Camino is great value for money. 

Having spent similar amounts of money on Timberlands and other hiking boots in the past, I think the 361 Camino outperforms them on every level, and the fact that they are also waterproof is a winner for me when hiking training and running, plus the instant comfort and support is excellent in comparison to others purchased.

I’m rating them 5/5 because they look good, feel good and do exactly what they say they will for a reasonable price, and for me, tick all the boxes I would want from a hiking trainer, I look forward to using them for a long time!

Features include:

  • Waterproof membrane.
  • Moulded heel design to help stabilise the foot at first contact.
  • Includes Qu!ckfoam and Qu!ck Spring+ in the sole to provide excellent durability, cushioning and responsiveness.
  • An extended eyelet shape lacing system helps to harness the foot securely when experiencing uneven terrains off-road.
  • Mid-cut silhouette to reduce water infiltration.